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P+F Meal Ideas?

I need some ideas for good P+F meals. I’m intrigued by the AD and carb cycling and thinking about giving it a try, but am often at a loss when it comes to meals without carbs.

Anyone have any good recipes to share? Either a quick and easy meal, or a more complex dinner or whatever. Thanks!

Didn’t JB write somewehre that plain lean red meat is already an excellent P+F meal. Get some veggies on the side and your good to go.

Three words: Hard Boiled Eggs


I highly recommend JB’s Gourmet Nutrition for starters. The e-book is handy as you can print off individual recipes.

Side from that though, pick an animal protein and brown it in extra virgin olive oil, adding coconut oil or butter for more flavor (left over meats/poultry work well too), add frozen/fresh veggies of your choice, a little water, and you desired spices (I use marinade sauces, lots of dry spices, Asian spice packets, etc, etc), cover and simmer on medium/low heat until veggies are tender.

There are hundreds of combos as you can image with this P+F “stir-fry”. Just be creative with the spices - that is the key. If you haven’t experimented with spice combining and you don’t know what you like, you may make a few “just okay” dishes until you learn what works together. For instance, you should use combo spices (like Mrs. Dash) by themselves. In other words, don’t over-whelm the dish with a dozen spices. Either pick a “theme” spice (i.e. Italian, Asian, Indian, Thai, etc) or pick 3-4 of your own and toss them in. I use garlic salt as a base for most dishes, but of course not all. Sesame oil gives a great base flavor as well.

Also, I would make 2-3 meals worth of this dish as it will taste totally different after sitting over-night in the fridge.

Another GREAT idea, especially if you live up north in the “frozen tundra” areas of the world, is crock pot cooking. There are tons of recipes on-line for whole chicken, beef, or pork roasts. Go light or skip the carrots and potatoes though so you keep the carbs low. Then steam a side of veggies with olive oil and again you have tons of P+F combos from this.

Finally, chilli can be a great P+F meal IF you keep the beans low or out and you go easy on the tomato products. A few grams of carbs from the tomatoes won’t hurt, just be sure to replace the reduction in tomatoes with water to keep the consistency.

Good eatin’! :wink:


I’m a big fan of grilled salmon (or other fish) salads. maranade the fish in your choice of low carb maranade, slice (or leave whole) an serve over spinach or salad greens with nuts, veggies, and olive oil and vinigar dressing.


1 can of tuna or chicken, smothered in your favorite fatty dressing(s). i like ranch.
quick and easy.

good ideas above!
ryan b.

it depends on how many calories you need. but here are a few P+F meals that I eat.

6-8 oz chicken breast. 100g’s bell peppers/onions (grilled in olive oil), topped with some garlic-chili flax seed oil (this stuff is amazing!) and 2 omega 3 eggs.

or 5 egg whites-1 whole omega 3 egg. 4 oz of turkey sausage, an ounce of cheese, and either spinach, or bell peppers/onions. and make it into an omelet.

or you can make a salad with some chicken, or salmon, or tuna, heaping amounts of spinach, and romaine lettuce, and then top with garlic chili flax seed oil, or lemon flavored salmon oil for a dressing.

get creative! after a while you will pick up on things you like.