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P+F Breakfasts

Who here prefers a P+F breakfast if training later in the day (for me, around 3-4 oclock)?

I am hesitant to give up my oatmeal in the morning, I love it. But if it means faster and leaner gains, I must just have to.

Has anyone chanegd from a PC to a PF protocol in the mornings? If so, what were your results?


I have actually done the P+F in the morning since I started doing the whole meal combo (P+C, P+F) deal.

I enjoy it though. I like my eggs, meat and some type of veggie in the AM. Seems to give me a good start to the day with some long lasting energy.


egg white omlette with spinach and chedder cheese. heat up your non stick frying pan and grease it up real good with some olive oil pam. then pour in the liquid egg whites. heat on medium (i have an electric stove so it is at a 3 or 4 out of 6 setting. once the eggs have gotten pretty solid on one side, layer on your cheese and fresh raw spinach. close it up by flipping the omlette in half with a spatula and heat for another minute and you are good to go. i am not pure p+f so i always include a piece of fruit with this meal.

Shank, why not use some whole eggs in your P+F meal? It’ll taste much better and you’ll get the added goodness from the yolk.

i had bacon and eggs yesterday … fried ofcourse.
However i am hardly a model T-citizen