P + F before bed

I read the tking fat(the right source) before going to bed slows the release of amino acids into the bloodstream. Has anyone else heard of this. Also, whats a good protein source prior to bedtime. Is tuna an ok source or is there better and how long before going to sleep should this meal be taken.

You are correct that a P+F meal before bed is absorbed slower which is better during your fasted state of sleep. As far as proteins go you want a slow digesting protein like casein or at least a casein blend of some kind. A better choice than tuna before bed would be cottage cheese and/or something like low-carb Grow!. Eat it shortly before you hop in bed. Hope that answers your ?'s


Instead of going into detail myself about this I will just pass on an article that you can read to get all the info. that you need.

“Bed Time Story” by JB

It should have all the info. to answer your ?'s. If not do a search on the mag and forumn, plenty of stuff in both.

Hope that helps.