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P&F at Work?

In trying to follow the P&F-only meals prescribed by Massive Eating and Carb Cycling, I’m having trouble thinking of some that I can eat while I’m at work.

I can think of plenty P&C or the ever-present PF&C, but I’d love to know some of your favorite P&F meals that you have at work, or at home even.

I have refrigeration and microwave available at work, so my choices aren’t limited by much besides my imagination.

A couple of my favs are steak with green beans or broccoli and chicken breasts with salad. I also like scrambled eggs with shredded cheese and salsa.

from reading your posts, i know you are a smart guy, but …

straight up Low-Carb Grow! and gobs and gobs (technical term) of fish oil is both extremely fast and extremely effective

otherwise … meat and eggs and meat


Low-Carb Grow! mixed with a few tablespoons of coconut milk. Or a baggie of nuts and a Grow! shake for after.

Mixed w/ coconut milk? wouldnt the oil from the coconut milk just make it rise to the top?

I did it in a magic bullet [little blender thingie] and chugged it straight down, didn’t notice anything floating on the top. Actually it tasted pretty good.

Whole milk is the best.

I keep a bag of almonds and pecans in my desk to snack on. I also bring some hard boiled eggs, a salad with some olive oil and full fat dressing.

Hard boiled eggs, pre cooked and frozen meats in ziplock bags, Grow! Shakes and Bars, nuts, seeds, One coll trick I find is using Power Drive containers to haul food they are great little containers that wont spill.

Sounds like in your situation its just a matter of imagination

I was doing some grocery shopping with my mum [trying to get her into some good habits] and after explaining to her the P&F / P&C meal combos she showed me the lable for full fat Cream. Now I’m just thinking out loud, but that would have to help with a carbo-holic’s sweet tooth on a ketogenic diet, of course its hard to wrap my head around including Cream in any list that also has the word diet, but maybe its some food for thought…

Plus Vanilla Low-Carb Grow! + Cream sounds delicious, in theory.

I go with protein powder with flax seed in it. A piece of cheese, not sure if you have a fridge available. I also keep sunflower seeds and walnut pieces in my desk.


Pick up some of those cheap tupperware type containers made by glad, ziploc, etc. and just fill them with leftovers. Simply leave out the rice, pasta, etc. and replace with more steamed veggies. Also, keep cans of fish, bags of nuts, fresh veggies, Low-Carb Grow! and all the other P&F goodies in your desk or work fridge. Use your imagination and you’ll find yourself looking forward to those meals instead of being bored by them.