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P+F and P+C Meals

I have a question about P+F and P+C meals.  What amount of leeway is normally allowed when a mix of C+F comes up?  In other words how many grams of carbs do you allow into an P+F meal and how many grams of fat will you allow into a P+C meal?  I know I have read this somewhere before but in searching I have been unable to find where I had read it.


From what I remember it was 5g of fat in the carb meals, and 10g of carbs in the fat meals. Give or take.


Sounda bout right based on what I have read hopefully Berardi will throw in some help on this.


Yup thats right but DONT get to damn anal. I mean a few extra GOOD fats or GOOD carbs wont kill you.

Mian thing is Whole foods, Protein fruits veggies and good fats.


John actually recommends a mix of healthy fats, starchy carbs, and protein PWO - otherwise known as a mixed meal - in "Zone diet" proportions (40% CHO/30% FAT/30% PRO).


Just so you know that I'm not full of it, here it is from the horse's mouth:

"Either way, the point is that if you want to feed appropriately, to use nutrient timing properly, you need to get some protein and carbohydrates during and after your workout.

Next, as your carbohydrate tolerance remains pretty good during the two to three hours after your workout (although not quite as good as it was just after your workout), you want to eat more of a food meal.

I recommend eating a more balanced meal at this time ? something that's kinda got the Zone composition (30g protein, 40g carbs, 30g fat). You get a bunch of carbs and you get a bunch of protein and you get some good fats in there. "


"One interesting way of looking at your food consumption during a "nutrient timing day" is that you?re eating like Atkins Diet proponents might recommend during 3 of your meals (Rest of the Day Phase); like Zone Diet proponents might recommend during 2 of your meals (Growth Phase); and like the American Dietetics Association might recommend during 2 more of your meals (Energy and Anabolic Phases)."

One more...

"Eat a high starchy carb (mixed meal with good proteins and fats) within the 2 hrs post exercise."


Are we talking a P+F meal having only 5g CHO in it, or is that CHO can be within 5g of the total # of Fat in that particular meal? The reason I am asking is because this is not the case in Gourmet Nutrition. If he has outlined it as such then he doesn't adhere to it very much if at all, as throughout the whole cookbook the allowance is much higher than 5 or 10 g either way. Just thought I'd get some clarification.


You should shoot for less than 10g CHO in a P+F mealo and less than 5g faat in a P+C (fat has double the calories per gram). However, as stated before, don't get to anal with this. It's pretty hard to design meals this way.

As far as Gourmet Nutrition goes Joh has said that not all of the meals follow those guidlines. Gotta have 10% meals :slight_smile:


Phil is right.Don't be too anal about it. I sometimes eat 7 grams of fat in a carb meal.They're usually good fats.Just don't eat too much fat in your carb meals(like 25 grams of fat in a meal that has 50 carbs).