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P + F After Workout?

Sorry if I’m missing something here, but in the Massive Eating protocol (as detailed in Issue 180’s Appetite for Construction), why is Feeding #4 a Protein plus Fat meal? It’s the first “meal” after the post-workout Surge, so shouldn’t we still be eating Protein Plus Carbohydrates? I’d think a P + F meal at 11 A.M. after a workout that ended approximately an hour and a half earlier would break Rules #3 and 4.

I also noticed that John, any specific reasoning or just a typo? From your rules it seems a pro /carb meal would be optimal… also John looking at your meal plan I see you use some whole grain breads and different carb sources. I am one who has a very difficult time keeping fat gain to a minimum when gaining and usually limit my carbs to oats and surge. Will the fat content of the oats in my meal have a negative effect? I try not to go over ten grams per pro /carb meal(usually less. I would love to hear your thoughts…Thanks alot…Mike

I agree wiith you guys, but I think it is probably just a error in the article. I would like to know however, why in the first example, do you drink Surge at 10am, then have post w/o meals at 11 AND 12. Should those big meals be that close? Also, it says it’s a 30 pro, 40 carb, 30 fat plan. Should that read 30 carb, 40 pro, 30 fat? Or is it really what it says?

“However, when taking glycerol, blood volume expands by 5 to 10% and total body water can increase up to about a liter (2.2kg).” Yes, there are some mistakes in the text… One liter of water equals 1 kg in weight… or 2.2 lbs, not kgs. :slight_smile: It is not easy to be a T-mag writer and have us for the readers… :slight_smile:

sorry about that guys…there must have been some mix up when I sent the article off because the first meal plan (am training) should have that p+f meal (the eggs) at 11:00 pm as per my rules. So surge would be at 10, the next meal (p+c) at 12, and then the rest of the day the same with that misplaced meal last at 11:00 pm. While cyberspace is awesome for what we do, sometimes these types of things happen. Perhaps if Chris Shugart is reading this he can talk to the boyz about fixing this up.

as long as you keep the fats to a minimum (<10g as a general rule) in the p+c meals you should be fine.

JMB-You say the P+F meal with the eggs should really be at 11PM? Shouldn’t the meal with the lean beef be last? Eggs digest quickly, which wouldn’t make sense before bed.