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ok bros my car just got towed for expired registration. heres the kicker, i had clean syringes, and clomid in the trunk.

can i get busted for this? they never asked for consent to search my car but did anyway. as soon as he started searching i left and got a ride home.

whats the worst possible scenario?

Hate to break bad news to you but you need to think about getting a lawyer. When a car gets impounded, the cops can do what’s known as an inventory search to determine what’s in the vehicle, presumably so they won’t be liable if something valuable later turns up missing. Evidence is frequently found in these types of searches and is generally admissible.

Not sure of the laws in Cali, but in general when law enforcement impounds property they are required to inventory its contents. As they weren’t technically searching for evidence of criminal activity, but rather happened upon it while conducting a routine procedure, a search warrant probably wasn’t required.

But what’s the worst thing you could face? Syringes in most states are legal to own, and the clomid may fall under the radar as it has other uses besides gear adjunct. And, it itself isn’t a Scheduled drug anyway…

It gets worse guys. I was on the phone with p-dog when PD pulledup to his house. Still waiting to hear if everything is ok.

Keep us posted, Ericka.

Hope everything turns out ok for you P-Dog!

P-DOG, I think the worst case is a couple of misdemeanors but it could cost you your job. There are lawyers that specialize in steroid type cases. I’m sure there must be some in CA. Some of the more hardcore sites can probably help you find one. He can probably get it tossed out on some kind of techicality if you did not consent to a search. If you’re in a small town, pull whatever strings you can to keep it out of the newspaper police log. If you’re in a city, it would be too small for the papers to bother with. And, if you have any shit hanging around, dump it now. Finding the Clomid could be probably cause for a search warrant to enter your home. Good luck!

Check your PM for some specific recommendations.

alright bros they came and arrested me for possesion of syringes and a narcotic without prescription. clomid is apparently a narcotic. i was sighted and released and have to appear in court next month.

the bastartds had the audacity to ask me for roid advice while i was there! fucking punks!


All that may be true, but if the DA decides to prosecute, the syringes and clomid may be enough to support probable cause for a search warrant to search P-Dog’s house for steroids. This is a bad situation.

Good Luck P-DOG.

Hope everything works out.

i dont have any aas or anything else in the house so thats not an issue. the cop told me ill likely get informal probation and a fine.

Man,I hope you can get away with just a fine or something minor.Pullin’ for you bud.

Most definitly bro… just out of curiosity… how did they know it was clomid and not ectasy or something else of the sort? If you told them… perhaps you shouldn’t have but then again I don’t really know shit about the legality of what we do.

possession of syringes? since when is it illegal to possess syringes?

P-Dog—I hope you haven’t talked to the police about what you had them for or give them any advise on what they were asking…They bait you by asking and they are recording everything…As far as you are concerned some chick you used to date had to take the meds and hell you use the syringes on your Baked Chicken…Clomid is a Narcotic? I don’t thank so…at least not in Texas…To be a Narcotic it has to have mood and motor skill effects to even be considered a narcotic…Don’t be surprised if they throw out that charge and just do you for “narcotic paraphennelia” If its called the same there for the points…Good Luck Dude!

Get a good lawyer NOW! That kind of conviction will follow you forever. Mere fines and probation still mean you were convicted.

Good luck.
BTW I don’t mean to be a dick but what are you doing driving a car that’s not registered and with the gear in the trunk to boot? If you only wore a tank top and were beating your girlfriend at the time you could have been on “Cops”
I hope everything works out for you.
Maybe Erica can “help” and make you feel better.

well at least i finally got ericka to take some physique shots of me today before this fiasco started. they will be up soon i have to resize them.

im trying to look on the bright side as you can see.