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P-Diddy finishes the NYC Marathon


I couldn't believe he did it! He suprised me. I guess finishing the marathon has to do with a lot of mental strength. He has my respect now.

I didn't think he'll make it past 10miles but, he finished in 4hrs 14min and 54 sec.

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Silas Chen


from what i understand he actually was training for it. Also I heard that he was a highschool football player, and to be where he is in the music industry means he has some kind of work ethic. IMHO, I don't think it is very surprising that someone with some sort of athletic talent and work ethic could finish a standard marathon.


hey guys i finished stockholm marathon (that?s in sweden folks!!) at 200+ bodyweight and 30 c last year! last ten km was real torture im just happy that i survived in one piece.b/w bracke


At least he did it for a good cause...I believe his goal was to raise 1 million bucks for NYC children, so kudos to p-diddy...


drew yes he was training for it but, I thought that the trainer had him on the wrong program. And that he started way to late I believe there was only 8 weeks or a month to train for it.


He trained for 8 weeks doing running and lifting. He raised 2 million dollars, double his 1 million dollar goal.


Big "ups" to P Diddy! Seriously, having run the NYC marathon myself, it is not easy. His training was unorthodex (6mile/day and long runs 15 or so miles on the weekends).


When you're a multi-millionaire, it's easy to buy the best trainers and nutritionists around. Not to take anything away from the fact that he actually did it, but he had a lot of help.


His trainer sucked and trained him wrong! At least thats what I thought. he did not get the best trainer. Maybe the best motivator. And he had a lot of heart and dedication to the race I think thats why he won. I have to Give it up to him though HE Won My Respect!!


Maybe I'm just cynical, but with the amount of money the guy has, and makes... you'd think he'd just donate a few mil. To me it seemed like a big publicity stunt.