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P+C & P+F For Lifting and Cardio


I need help on structuring my P+F and P+C meals.

I lift heavy at 3 PM and would like to do cardio at 9 PM on a few lifting days, just to even the load out over the week. Lifting is on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I am doing the g-flux with the goal of losing fat and maintaining or gaining muscle.

What would be the optimal meal arrangement
for days with lifting and cardio?


P+C peri workout (before,during after) as per intake needs. Then P+F all other times. Maybe P+C morning as well. Find what works best for you. Your goals, needs.


Just my opinion, if you awaken let's say at 7 am, your metabolism should still be pretty fast and should slow down around 2 pm (the optimal time to switch to P+F) but than you lift and do cardio a few hours later... well, let me just say that I don't see any real place to put those P+F meals in the day. Unless you want to "drop" the nutrient partioning thing and just eat clean P+C+F meals.