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P+C & P+F, Carb Cycling, or AD?

Which style of eating do you do? Which has worked best for you? Do you eat anything and everything, or do you stick to meals of PC and PF? Have you tried carb cycling through the week?

Also, I’m really looking for suggestions. I’m 23, about 6’3 or 6’4, 185 lbs. I’ve got around 2.5 years of on/off lifting under my belt and made gains since I started(160 when I began). I’ve been kind of stuck at 185 for a while.

I recently have started the AD, but now I’m wondering since I’m at such a low weight for my height if it’s not my best option, as I’ve heard some say the AD isn’t best for gaining mass and muscle.

Would I be better off carb cycling or still downing carbs but seperating them with PC and PF?

Any ideas?

if you want to bulk you just need to eat more, regardless of the diet your on thats one thing thats non-interchangeable. if you want to gain, you gotta eat.

If you are looking to gain I would start first by taking a good look at your protein consumption. Are you logging your protein feedings? what times during the day you consume your carbs? Where is the fat in your diet?

The answer to those 3 questions will put you on the right track. There are plenty of diets, but the best one is the one you can do by yourself. If you want a more detailed guideline then read all you can from John Berardi and then experiment on yourself. Take notes and come here for discussions

Good luck

I have good success with the P+C and P+F method in trying to maintain my mass and not gain any fat. If all you’re interested in is gaining more mass, and you don’t care how much fat you gain, I’d just start eating more.