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P+C / P+F Calculation Question


I think I've asked this before, but I was doing the calculations this morning for a bulk and remembered CT's carb cycling method. I've also read about P+C and P+F meal combinations.

What I want to know is, if I have 6 meals a day - 3x P+C and 3x P+F meals - and I follow a carb cycling protocol or even a higher fat, lower carb protocol, how is it that I'd be getting in at least 60g of fat per meal? I say this because on a lower carb workout day, I have allocated 188g for fat intake according to calculations I've seen in the carb cycling article. Spread across 3 meals, that's over 60g of fat per meal per day. Does that even sound right?

I've thought about just following Berardi's 7 Habits for a while and logging everything instead. Even if that ends up being the case, I hope one of you can chime in; I'm just curious if my bulking calculations for fat intake per meal seem way off.


Probably a decent portion of fat would exist in carbs

for example. My breakfast is a P + C meal but oats do have some fat

the P +C protocol will still apply and be effective as long as you remain below 10g-15 of fat per meal. I believe this was JB's cut off. I think it is mentioned on his website.

I think 10 or less is ideal but double check


I second the 10-15g. I remember reading JBs article numerous times.