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P+C or P+F pre workout


I have been doing P+C before workouts but i have been told that carbs will lower t levels + the blood will be concentrating on digestion as opposed to activity like this and was told to try P+F... i dont know if this sounds like bull twinky. Any ideas here?



I Eat p+c 1st meal at 7am, then p+f at 9, p+f at 11, usually cottage cheese and flax or fish oil then work out at 12-12:30.


I have never really heard that before. I tend to go P+F pre workout if I am trying to lean up and P+C if I want to get my max muscle on.
I notice better pumps and more energy when I have P+C pre workout, but do lean out faster with P+F.

As far as digestion goes, your body always has to use extra energy to digest food (P+C or P+F). That is why people sometimes "walk it off" after they have a big meal. You have the calorie expenditure from the exercise plus those from digestion although I think it is negligible.


Bulk Phase:

Breakfast 5:30am: P+C
during and post-workout shake (8am): P+C
Meal 3-4 (10am and 12pm): P+C
Meal 5-8 (2:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm, 9:30pm): P+F

Cutting Phase: Meal 3 and 4 become P+F meals.


It isn't true. In fact, adding protein and carbs preworkout lowers cortisol and increases nutrient uptake. This is good.


gotta go for p+c before workout, i used to have p+f but after switching to p+c my workouts have been better, more reps more weight and fat loss hasn't slowed down. lowery's temporal approach works nicely also if you train in the morning.


Eat, workout, eat again. then eat again. then eat again. then eat again. just eat. lets not make it harder than it already is.