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P+C Meals w/o Protein Powder

I already eat protein powder 3 to 4 times a day. I want a meal for after my post workout shake that isn’t going to take me 30 minutes to make and is extremely low on fat without having protein powder as an ingredient. Any suggestions??

Try tuna, non-fat cottage cheese, a bunch of raw vegetables, and a piece of fruit or two.

One of my staple p+c meals is:

  • 1 - 1.5 cups of frozen bell peppers and onions,
  • about half a carton of egg whites
  • some type of meat (either leftovers from last nights dinner or a packet of tuna, salmon, or pre-cooked chicken)

I put a tiny bit of olive oil in a pan, put the stove on high and (after the pan has heated) toss in the frozen veggies. Stir those around for a couple of minutes until they’re not frozen (they’ll start looking a tad soggy). Then turn down the stove to medium and add the meat. Let the meat heat up for a couple of minutes, then pour in the egg whites. Stir slowly until the eggs are cooked. Takes about 10 minutes total. I either eat them with some grated part skim mozzerella (on non workout days) or in a whole wheat tortilla (on workout days).

It’s pretty bland as is, so I’ll add a decent amount of salt, pepper, garlic powder and chili powder to mine.

I’d also highly recomend Berardi’s chili recipie from his new book (it’s in the free sample you can download from his website). He says that the recipie makes enough chili to feed a small village and he’s not exagerating. I made it, portioned it out, put in the freezer and had great, ready in minutes meals for (literally) weeks.

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Chicken veggies and rice is always a classic fallback, egg whites work too. My non-powder post-workout meal is usually white or brown rice with whatever lean meat I have lyin’ around, an assortment of veggies (spinach, green beans, and brocolli being my regulars) and some carby fruits like bananas and oranges.

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Hey guys, he said protein and carbs right! Bean/rice burrito or baked potato smothered in fat free cottage cheese.

Macaroni and cheese (the cheap stuff) with tuna mixed in. High glycemic carbs, little fat if you leave out the butter and lots of protien. Watch out though one box with 2 cans of tuna is like a 1000 calories.