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p/c meal ends when?

Lets just say you work out in the morning. according to massive eating you are supposed to have surge, then a p/c meal after. Here is the questions though. When should you switch from p/c to p/f meals. How many meals after your workout? thanks.

Check out Temporal Nutrition Part 2 for some info on this.

How did your week off go? How’s the progress.


I think it depends on

A. goals
B. BF level
C. Training type.
D. Insulin sensitivity

If your goal is to lose fat, and you are over 10-12%(depnds on D) no more P+C for you - 2 is enough.

If you train only the ATP/CP energy systems (long rests and short sets) in your weight training there is also a lesser need for carbs even if you are under that BF.

if you are training to gain and under 10-12% keep those P+C rolling Insulin is king for you. else stick to P+F

Hope that helped.

Funny you should ask this - I just got finished reading archived Berardi articles. This is one of his Appetite for Construction articles that can be found both here at t-mag and at his site www.johnberardi.com.

The third article down entitled Eat This! should lead you in the right direction.