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P+C and P+F ???

I’m looking at getting back into lifting, as it’s been far too long that I’ve been away and dropping weight. I’ve lost 20 lbs since college, which was 3 years ago, and I’m pissed about it, which is good because it’s motivating me to enlarge my skinny bastard self. First I must correct my rounding shoulders though, have a PT help me with that.

But anyways, I digress… I’m wondering about how much flexibility is allowed regarding the meal timing and P+C and P+F meal combinations, as I’m a carb-burning machine (aren’t we all, but my carb furnace burns real HOT!). With elevated fat intake I notice mental lethargy, which no one really likes unless you happen to be one of those EMO stick guys that aspire to that state. So could I maybe do like 4 of the 6 meals P+C? Or do I even need to worry about combining carbs and fat in the same meal? Thanks T-dudes for the assistance, I love this site.

P+C and P+F are great but not golden rules to stick to all the time. I say base it on them and roughly try to limit fast HI gi carbs with tons of fat but by good I dont (anymore) limit say a ton of veggies and fruit to go along with a big steak and oliver oil. or what have you and Im a FFB that can add fat pretty damn well Ive proven that. But am now making great progress by simply not being so damn anal.

Try it find what works for you. Hell if your a skinny bastard that has trouble putting on weight some whole milk and PB sandwhiches may be just what you need. Id say just limit the crap like boxes of doughnut evey day etc, theres a big difference in a krisy creme and latte, and say a banana, pb sandwhich and glass of milk.

I personally only use Nutrient Partioning as a way to lean out in preperation for an event. If your trying to build mass, just focus on making smart food choices and eating at least 6 times a day.