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P/C and P/F Meal Suggestions?

hey guys im starting the Massive Eating Diet Reloaded and im very excited to try it out! im no noob really…ive been working out for 2 years…although until now i havnt been paying enough attention to my diet…its always been clean but im gonna get more into it!

i just need some relatively easy-to-make (i dont mind spending a bit of time in the kitchen but i dont have all damned day!) P+C / P+F meals to make!

help would be greatly appreciated!

I am also following this plan. Here are some of the things I eat and drink
P+F Two eggs scrambled with one chicken sausage.
P+F protin drink w/water and tablespoon UDOs oil or cashewbutter

P+F Sliced beef wrapped around aspargus

Also include veggies with lowcarb/modfat dressing or olive oil

P+C Chicken or any other lean meat with any whole grain carb and fruit.

Protien drinkes mixed with skim milk and fruit.

any more suggestins guys?

You only need two food groups.


One of tomorrows P+F meal is going to be a carls Jr. lowcarb burger.