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Ozzy Will Be Big & Strong - Fomin

Hi there,

Im 18yo, 185cm/114kg from Czech Republic (hope that metric system will be ok :] ) and Im working from April 2k11, workouts i have done: Upper/lower body split, 8wks Bear Routine, 4+4wks Korte with peak, 6wks Stripped down hypertrophy, 5wks West Side Barbell and now, Im finishing peak of Fomin 8+3wks training.

My last maxes are 205/105/220kg (450/230/485lbs) belt only, after Fomin Im planning 245/115/240kg = 600kg total (540/255/530lbs = 1325lbs) with belt and knee wraps. I wasnt on any competition but I want to take some at fall 2012 - I have final exams at grammar school and entrance exams to university, education > power :smiley: thats all for now, I add some photos/videos when Ill have a time :]

But, what I wanted to do - I have my old max squat video - http://youtu.be/WOIcy7tyHH4
maybe it is not as deep as I wanted, but I will be better next time :]

And my back pose, @BW 110kg/242lbs

Fomin W9 T5 - peak


Boardpress 10cm board 3x3 105kg cg

Squat 4x5 100kg

Deadlift 3x4 130kg sumo

Upper pull 3x8 70kg

Bicep EZ 3x8 32kg

AB roller 3x5

Bench easy, i tried squat with tighter stand, i can get better to depth - hope i can make my new max with this stand :smiley:

Fomin W9 T6 - peak

3x3 170kg no belt

Benchpress 3x3 80kg 2sec stop on chest

Squat 3x3 145kg wraps no belt

Rows barbell 3x10 80kg

Military press 3x8 50kg

Bicep DB 3x6 20kg

DB shrugs 3x8 40, 2x8 50kg

ABs 3 sets

Deads were easy, last heavy training before max tests :]