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Oysters are an extremely rich source of zinc and a very good source of magnesium as well. It also contains plenty of phosphorus (a deficiency in phosphorus will interfere with absorption of zinc).

Great way to get all the zinc/magnesium every day, by simply eating a couple oysters. Trouble is, I dont know how to eat it. Do you cook it? Or do you eat it raw?

I’m also on my way to buy flax seeds, which contaions lignans - which help flush out excess estrogen from the body.

Didn’t NeilG recommend oysters? lol

I wouldn’t eat them raw unless it’s from a trusted source (like raw bars). I wouldn’t eat them raw if I bought them from a store. Who knows about that stuff.

So as for cooking, you can steam them in shell, out of shell, and then dip them in butter or something like that. Or you could shuck them and saute them and add a little seasoning (maybe something like old bay). Or you could shuck them and broil them, and dip them in butter.

As to fancy ways to prepare them, sorry…I don’t know.

i eat oysters on the half shell but oyster rockefeller is the best way to show off your cooking abilities . I love oyster rockefellar ( sp?) anyway , after you makek it tell your girlfriend / wife that its an aphrodisiac so you can get some play for all the hard work done

Raw is best if they are fresh! Or just drizzle a little bit of lemon juice on them and eat them.

If you must cook them, try microwaving them in their shells for 30 seconds with a TINY bit of vinegar in each shell and a bit of grated cheese on top. The microwaving melts the cheese over the oyster.

There’s something quite satisfying about going to the beach and getting your own oysters (if you know a good spot) but obviously this wont work if you live miles from a beach or if you want to eat the things everyday.



Ooo! That sounds good! What type of cheese do you recommend?

Well, I’m not too fussy. I just grate some plain old tasty cheddar usually. You shouldn’t use too much anyway, so I dont think you’ll notice a difference between types of cheese.

Let me know what you think.