Oy Vay, My Creative Zen...

Ok, I bought a new Creative Zen Sleek 20g on Dec. 26. Been working great…until last night. All of the sudden, I’m getting either “error” messages or “failure” when trying to transfer files to the Zen. This goes for downloaded music, ripped from CD’s, stuff that was already on my comp, etc.

Anyone have any ideas here? I mean, the damn thing is 10 days old, wtf GOSH!

I emailed creative, but they are notoriously slow.

Any help would be great.

i just got mine too man, only mine is working great :|. however, i can help you. if you hold down the reset key and the play button at the same time for 5 seconds, release the reset key while still holding down the play key for an additional 2 seconds, then let go of everything, you should get a menu with options like:
clean up
reload firmware
erase all

try these and see if they work. hope i helped

Hey I feel for you, i got a creative zen micro 20gb for christmas and mines working fine. However, they’d missed out packaging the headphones. Creative UK were really fast and sent me TWO pairs as a compliment before the year was out.

Maybe their customer service isn’t as good in the U.S.