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Oxytocin, Explain Please

So reading up on this drug Oxytocin, and the information I’m getting is kind of out there and not consistent. According to this site has some pretty awesome affects http://www.reuniting.info/science/oxytocin_health_bonding

“Oxytocin counteracts the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone. (Legros, 2003) Less stress means increased immunity and faster recovery.”

Now I’ve heard bodybuilders take Oxytocin, and I’m wondering what the effects of the drugs are and possible side effects from anyone here who might have experimented with it.

Blocking cortisol is a bad thing. While it blocks catabolic actions of muscle, it also blocks necessary catabolic actions of damaged or dead tissues in other parts of the body, which isn’t good. Perhaps in moderation it would be useful, but I don’t know enough about the drug to comment.

It had an extremely short clearance time in the body, so from what I understand it is almost useless. I do have OxyCalm, an oxytocin nasal spray, and I do find it very calming when stressed, but the problem is I only feel relaxed for about 60 seconds before I feel the anxiety creeping back up.

As far as bodybuilding, I have never heard of bodybuilders taking it. You read oxycontin maybe? Charles Poliquin actually recommends oral hydrocortisone to some guys with adrenal fatigue. I wouldn’t really want to mess with cortisol levels in the opposite direction. If you are worried about it being catabolic, I believe it is only possible to be significantly catabolic when you are in need of cals, stress or not.