Oxygen Recovery

just a crazy thought…

did anyone read about the beckham circus prior to the euro 2k4 when he had broken a bone in his foot? anyhow, for recovery, he used an oxygen tent.

i know that these oxygen recovery techniques are incredibly useful. how useful could it be in recovery for weight lifters?

provided that oxygen is administered <8l/min (i think), it’s not toxic. go higher than that, and you’ll supress the drive to breathe.

anyone have any thoughts or cluesa bout this? woudln’t mind trying it out… sucking on some oxygen for about half an hour after my workout? hehe

just a thought.

huh? You mean the treatment is when the person is inside of a “room” which is being filled with O2? I put a patient on a nrb set either at 10L/min or 15L/min. I even put myself on a nrb at 15L. I never had any problems at those settings…I actually could be writing it wrong too, it could have been 10ml and 15ml.

I have actually been thinking about this for a long time now, except I was thinking about hyperbaric sleeping bags, like mountain climbers use.
Hyperbaric chambers have been used for recovery in severe cases of circulation loss, and the areas that were blood deprived return to normal in an unbelievably short ammount of time.
So I figured if the muscles can get oxygen delivered to them faster when they have been deprived, why not when they need to be repaired? If I had an extra $2300 I would probably pick one up to see how it would affect my recovery after a workout, I think it would probably be quite amazing.


How do you think gigantic brachiosaurus’ with a train for a neck, gargantuan lungs, and teeny tiny nostrils breathed.

answer: hyperbaric living conditions.

just a theory…but so are relativity and quantum mechanics.

Hey Wufwuguy, I have heard that same theory, I don’t know if you are religious or not, but there is a passage taking about the seven heavens that surround the earth, one of which being seven times colder than any snow.

Some believe that the heavens are the atmospheric layers covering the earth, and not including the troposhpere where we dwell, that leaves 6 layers above us, the seventh could have been a layer of ice, which would have caused a hyperbaric state on earth, doubling the air pressure and giving us more oxygen, creating vegetation and animals of incredible size.

This is just a theory though, but ut does give a cause for hyperbaric living conditions.


there has not been any documented study on this, i presume? nothing relating to working out…?

hyperbaric o2 chambers sound interesting, but at the cost of 2300 usd, it’s a little out of my range :frowning:

but what aobut regular o2 containers? with a face mask?

I haven’t found any documented studies. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

I agree that the price is steep, but IF it worked on muscle recovery the way it does with circulation problems, then I think that it could have the potential to be the greatest assest to recovery since Anti-catabolants and proper PWO nutrition.

But as you said, we don’t know of any studies, and my knowledge is limited at best.


While the gloved one used one supposedly for whatever reasons, I think the chambers were primarily used for burn vics to promote healing, however for recovery in muscles after a workout is
questionable, pure oxygen can harm the body (heard somewhere or read it)if used for long periods. However if used like for a boost as in football or other like sports seems to be okay but that is portable oxygen.


it’s called the meisner effect…basically, a layer of h2o can be elevated above the atmosphere.

google Kent Hovind or Creation Science Evangelism if you want evidence for some cool shit.

im not religious, life’s too realistic to be unrealistic.

don’t remember who, but two worldclass swimmers use hyperberic chamebers… one is ed moses, the former world record holder in the breast, and i cant remember the other… but they were able to emulate the effect but having a tank of oxygen pumping into their room (dorm room when they were in college) and having all the windows/ airvents sealed with plastic when the tank was on at night… im wondering how effective this method would be, althoug they both swear by it

pure Oxygen is very corrosive, hence the reason that many of the oldest books in the world are kept in huge chambers where the gas inside is virtually pure Nitrogen, which isn’t corrosive. Oxygen is only allowed in when people are using these library rooms.

Oxygen = corrorsive

As with most things, a certain amount of it is good, and more is not always better. I’ve heard theories that people who need to carry around oxygen tanks for their lungs often times weaken their lung strength and capacity because their bodies develop a resistance to the abundance of oxygen that is constantly being supplied. Whereas the other side of the spectrum would say that without oxygen suplementation these people would die. Who knows.

Does it help recovery? I would think that a little extra amount might increase the efficiency of the tissue to absorb nutrients and rebuild, but in the end, the lungs will only supply so much to the blood stream.

hmmm…“former world record holder in breast”…NICE!

surprised they didn’t blow themselves up with all that oxygen.

hyperbaric is pressurized atmosphere, not just increased quantity or oxygen.