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oxygen pills

ive read all kinds of magazines on training (naturally) and i read that oxygen tabs hep get you bigger, lose fat, and you gain strength. ive gone on a few sites and seen various companies that sell them, but does anyone know which ones are th good ones? am i wasting m time on these pills? i currently take cell tech, nitro tech, and glutamine tabs. i am looking for something to help shred fat as well as gain size.

This guy can’t be for real.

Flame-bait if I’ve ever seen it.

Yes yes yes!!! I think you should definitely look into oxygen pills and oxygen water! You definitely don’t get enough oxygen through the normal physiological respiratory pathways! Also, I have heard that they are now marketing H2O pills, pills that have water in them, because you just can’t drink enough! Although they have been hard to develop, an up and coming supplement company has found a very special delivery system and capsules that keeps the water stable, so that it doesn’t break down into it’s dangerous ions, Hydrogen and oxygen! There, he/she has been effectively flamed. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, stop flaming this guy!! He might be onto something with this revolutionary breakthrough in supplements. SECRET I know where you can buy these oxygen tablets for dirt cheap. Just go to those large aquarium pet stores, and they sell them there. Basically, these ‘Oxygen Tablets’ are used for goldfish bowls, where there isn’t much water circulation. These tablets actually exist!!! Anywayz, I’ve been taking them now for 6 weeks, and i’ve gained 40lbs of solid muscle, while shedding my bodyfat to 6%. I’d call that a miracle, wouldn’t you?

only 40 lbs of muscle? Are you sure you were taking enough boron?

The amount of oxygen you need minute to minute is vast compared to the amount that could be captured in a pill. BUT, let’s suppose that they could attach oxygen (like it does to hemoglobin), and that the lack of oxygen in the gut causes diffusion of oxygen from the pill into the gut.

You have bacteria in your gut, and they’re pretty durned useful. I suspect that a great deal of them are oxygen-tolerant, but only to a point. Maybe these pills would kill them.

Actually, I can think of many reasons why you’d want to increase the oxygen availability to your blood. Heck, it’s why we gain red blood cells when we train at altitude! But I think the pills might be a gimmick.

I would also worry about Cell Tech. I think that they sell you creatine+carbs at a higher price than other companies would charge you for just creatine. Uh, you’d be better off getting the creatine in bulk and supplementing the delivery with your own carbs (ie. bread, rice, etc.)

Sorry for all the flames. Please read the FAQ.

I’ve been secretly developing a new convenience item for the health conscious. Once I get it perfected it will revolutionize our lives. It’s dehydrated water. It’s 100% lighter than regular water so it’s easy to carry around. When you’re ready to consume it you just add water, shake, and drink it.

Wouldnt oxegen pills just make you have explosively big farts or something?

Hi, Diesel. I guess you can gather the guys don’t think oxygen tabs will help you achieve your fat loss or mass gain goals. Unfortunately, neither do I. Spend some time on the site and read, read, read. There’s stuff you can hang your hat on here. The bottom line is there are no shortcuts or magic pills. If you want to drop BF, 65% of the results will come from your diet, maybe 25% from working out. 10%, if that much, of your results will come from the smart and judicious use of supplements. Read last week’s article on glutamine. Good luck to you, and don’t waste your money on oxygen tabs. They’re kinda like those electronic ab stimulators where you get a set of ripped abs while you sleep.

If it’s something like Oxydrene, it doesn’t work. The only thing similar that you could benefit from is using pure oxygen during intense physical activity like you see on the football sidelines.

stop reading rags, if you want my input. Take 1/4 of what you would spend on supplements and give it to your favorite charity.