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Oxygen for Energy?


Anyone hear of this sort of thing/try it?
Is it all hype?
The marketing certainly is interesting.

so is this


People are gullable. Im sure they'll sell a ton.


Sigh It's a sad day when they need to state that oxygen has no calories...


I will work, for exactly as long as you keep breathing it. I was a medic in the army, and we tried it out because you don't really get much sleep. As soon as you start breathing the pure oxygen, you feel instantly more awake, but the effect stops just as quickly when you breathe normally again.


gas station by me use to sell "ox-gen" or some shit, basically oxygen in a can for 5 bucks.

One day I had an amazing hangover and was still slightly drunk. Noticed on the can it said it'll fix hangovers. Bought it and sure enough, damn stuff fixed my hangover. Don't know if it would have lasted, I puked and went back to bed.


The Las Vaegas airport used to have a lady that did neck massages while you were hooked up to an oxygen tank that had "flavoring" in the oxygen tank.

I think she charged $20. I tried it out after a 3 day bachelor party in town. I bought a second round for another $10. Best I felt since we stopped drinking the night before :slight_smile:

Can't say the effect lasted but it stopped me from wanting to puke.


I stopped by that same lady leaving las vegas last year. She's reasonable looking and sitting there feeling like crap getting a neck rub by a hot girl was very refreshing.