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Oxycontin & Morphine for Better Performance


I know this sounds absolutely random and ridiculous but what I experienced was pretty profound so I thought I'd throw it out there. I've always been into working out which is why I'm on this site frequently but I admit I'm also something of a recreational drug user. I used to take shit like oxycontin and morphine until one time when I had been taking it pretty often and I went into the gym and felt like absolute shit and quit my workout without getting through even the first ten minutes.

At that point I knew it was starting to be a problem and I wised up and cut that shit out and haven't done it since. But when I was taking it there were a few times when I'd take it the day before a workout and then the next day even if I had only got like 6 hours of sleep I would literally have the best workout of my life. I would always feel stronger than ever and I would seriously fucking handle weights I wouldn't have been able to lift a week earlier.

For example I remember I was trying to up my seated overhead barbell press and one week (after having been doing this same exercise for a while) I hit about a 5 rep max with one weight. The next week after getting high on oxycontin the day before i hit 12 reps with the same weight without changing my training at all. This is just one example but there are plenty others. I've used creatine plenty and all that stuff and I can seriously say that none of that compares to the way I performed after taking these drugs.

A friend of mine tried it and he experienced something very similar so I don't think this is all just in my head. I thought I'd throw this out there to see if anyone else has ever done this (although I'd be surprised to find anyone on here besides me abusing shit like that) or just to see if anyone has any thoughts on this. But please just spare me a lecture about why I shouldn't be using drugs.




I used to do coke in the locker room...then XTC before cardio.

fucking stupid...but the cardio would last for hpurs....



Great post.

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So, let me get this straight. You quit abusing synthetic heroin because it fucked up your workouts?!?!?!? Where the fuck are your priorities in life?


Rush approves.


Dr's orders:

ii tab rec q2h 7/7

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Get a good workout in.


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Umm just an FYI oxy's nail your test production to NIL .. I know lots of people on test injections because there body no long produces test from doing oxy's. I dunno your situation and without a blood test to tell for sure there is no way to know if it gave some kind of performance increase or not.

I know many people that have fucked there lives on these drugs ..just a warning to those who might be reading this ..oxy's are synthetic heroin and morphine is liquid/pill opium. Both are highly addictive mentally and physically. I don't want to be your momma about this but stay away.


You were stoned, and probably not even working out. Hallucinating can be a bitch.


I live in a rural small town that has a huge heroin problem. The main way these kids get started on it are from Vicodin and Oxy use.





This is exactly how my young niece got hooked on heroin. She now faces a jail term when sentenced in 2 weeks.


Sorry to hear that ID. I'm learning all this because my 44 year old sister is a meth addict. Started by her taking prescription drugs for back pain, which led to suicidal thoughts and meth became her route to suicide.


Geez, Testy... I'm sorry to hear YOUR news. Meth. Oh man.

I read a book called "Beautiful Boy" about a father's harrowing ordeal with a meth addicted son. Heart wrenching. I don't often cry reading a book, but that one really choked me up.
I followed it up reading the son's own account of his addicted life called "Tweak". Happily these 2 have a happy ending. I hope the same for your sister... and my niece.


Yeah, those two books are very good. It made me think about the shit I put my dad through with all the stupid shit I had done. Oxy is a huge problem. Most of my friends have had a problem with it at some point. I almost OD'd twice. Thank god for being sober and realizing I gotta stop that stupid shit.


Completely unrelated to OP, but I went through my mom getting sober from pills/booze and the best thing I did to help me relate/empathize was to buy the "Big Book" of AA and NA, they're like $6 or something and really made a difference.