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Oxiracetam and Adrenal Excitation

I hear that aniracetam can speed up your heart etc… Does oxiracetam do that? I just ordered some oxi from 1fast400 and I am interested to try it out.

For anyone that has used it, I would be interested to read your views of it.

After some more searching I read that Bushy said it got his heart pumping. That kinda sucks. I want to find a drug that only affects my brain and not my heart. I should’ve been a chemist.

Thanks T.

My favorite concoction is 300-400mg of
Alpha GPC, 200mg of chocamine and geranamine with 600mg of oxiracetam.

For me, the oxi only gave me stim effects the first time I used it. Now, I have to combine it with something like caffeine if I really want my study session to be fruitful. If you feel like you can really focus without using a stim, tho, then oxi would be an excellent choice, imo.

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