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OxEVOL Post Cycle Therapy

one of my good friends here at school showed me the supplement OxEVOL where in a 3 week cycle he was able to gain 17 lbs. i dont know how credible this is, but i was interested in it, so i checked it out online. apparently it is an anabolic supplement that basically shits on your liver. i was reading about post cycle therapy, which is used after the cycle of the supplement to help your liver

i wasnt able to find anything specific at first glance about PCT, so i figured i might as well just throw up a post here on T-Nation

after finding out about how shitty this stuff is for you, i will personally never touch it, however my buddy wants to start another cycle, but i really dont want him to get hurt, as he is really ignorant about supplements

any help would be greatly appreciated

Google the active ingredient it is probably what is inappropriately referred to as a “pro-hormone.” Pro-hormones are very very often actually designer steroids that have not been approved by the FDA or recognized by the DEA and are considered “gray market supplements.” They actually are steroids though, so try googling the active ingredient in the product and see what you can come up with.

OxEVOL is a designer steroid. It is an extremely harsh one at that.
Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is needed after every steroid cycle to restore natural hormone production. Steroids halt your natural hormone production because you are replacing them with artificial means. That is why you should not even consider steroids if you are less than 21 and probably not even till your 23-25.