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Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I've never used anavar before but I have used Dbol and I swear this stuff feels exactly like it. I know that Mex gear is often faked or underdosed, is there any chance that they fake anavar with dbol istead? Maybe cause it's cheaper? Any thoughts.


tried some of the earlier batches of anavar from qv last summer and it was good stuff...Depending on the dose, it's not uncommon for anavar to "feel" like dbol.



Im about to hit an anavar cycle myself.

How many mgs are you taking daily? I've heard anywhere from 20 to 80mgs max.

Also with the low sides, what is your plan for PCT? I have read no PCT to clomid.



Im on 10mg ED taken in the AM. I know it doesn't sound like much but, I've used up to 50mg ED of dbol and didn't experience the lower back pumps that I am getting off this stuff.


to answer the rest of your question, I am not planning on any PCT, although I have it on hand. My nipples are starting to get a little sore though, so I started 20mg/day of Nolvadex until that subsides. Anavar isn't supposed to shut you down at all. That, coupled with the fact that it's only 10mg ED, means I shouldn't need any clomid.


Are u taking anything else that could cause the nips to act up, and how well did the nolva shut it down?

At 10mg a day and large back pumps, DAMN!

How about muscle hardness and strength gains?


Also, I saw where ur doc gave you HRT, I wonder if the combo is making the nips act up?


My strenth has gone up but i would have expected that even if I wasn't on anything, since I train for strength. Nothing remarkable, just steady gains. I do recover from my workouts faster, there is a definite improvement there.


I heard a lot of people on other boards saying 60mg of var a day is what you want. Although I have always responded well to low doses, not really sure what to do.


Sore nips and lower back pain? Doesn't sound like any Anavar I've ever taken. And it will shut you down, but I can't imagine that 10mgs ed would even be noticable. I think your on dbol.


Has anyone ever used any QV dbol? Maybe it's just dbol tabs in a Oxavet bottle. The bottle was sealed in a box and everything so if it was faked, it was done pretty damn good. I can post pics of the bottle and tabs if anyone cares to see them.