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I’ve been doing a lot of research the past few days and I’d really like to use Oxandrolone to shred some fat. However, I’m having trouble finding something good to stack it with. For health reasons the two I feel most comfortable using would be Nandrolone and then Methenolone.

I read that using just Oxandrolone produced slight increases in lean muscle mass and great gains in reduction of fat. I’m not sure if 10 lbs of muscle would be considered a slight or moderate increase, which is what I’m looking for.

10 lbs of muscle should be doable if you have no prior experience with anabolics. However, the fact that you need to lose fat changes things and the amount of fat you need to lose will be an important factor.

Of the two you suggested I would run Primo with anavar as I just know too many who suffer from ‘deca-dick’ when running deca without test.

Better still to run with var is test with nolvadex and maybe a little arimidex. For body recomposition
Var also goes nice with winny if you don’t get joint problems.

So how does this sound. Week 1, 650 mg of Primo and Anavar each. Week 2-6, 500 mg of Primo and Anavar each. Week 1-8, 50 mg/day of clomid. Would Nolvadex be better than clomid?

That’s a ton of var…I guess you can try that if you can afford it.
most would probably do var at 40- 50mg/day with 1g/week primo but you can try your cycle. I’d like to hear how it goes with almost 100mg/day of var…
Anyway… I like nolvadex but clom is fine as long as it doesn’t turn you into a bitch…
You may prefer clom as you aren’t looking for an anti e but something to retain/regain testicular function.

650mgs of each is a lot. You could probably get by with half that of each.

You would probably want to use as little as possible to get the results your looking for as they are both not so cheap, especially the oxandrolone.

Thanks guys. I thought I should frontload to get better results. Can I do this cycle and spend under $400?

I mean can I do that cylce at only 325 mg of each, rather than 650 or 500 for under $400?

Ha, I wish bro…you picked two of the most expensive and hardest to get steroids that are out there. My source sells 10mg anavar power caps, 100 for 150 bucks…and that is only three weeks worth of gear for ya. Primo can probably only be found in amps, which usually run about 16 or 17$ apiece. I have used primo out of a bottle, but am sorry to say that I never stocked up, because I haven’t seen it since. Also, how long are you planning on running this cycle? Also, winny or tren might run well with anavar as well…Lata

My opinion - anavar is good. It’s worth the money if your’e just into looking good. Also, since it functions somewhat like a GH secretagogue, boosts collagen synthesis and creatine phosphate synthesis, as well as recovery it’s “theoretically” good at hyperplasia training - high intensities, low reps, heavy eccentrics, etc.

I’d personally use equipoise with it though, at a fairly low dose since the EQ boosts strength and recovery through different mechanisms.

Problem with EQ for cutting up, for some people, is that it makes dieting so damn hard! The hunger cravings on it are severe.

The vet prices for brand name oxandrolone in TJ run 70-100$ for 500mgs. Probably double that is what you would pay in the states.

You might be able to find some generic or bootleg Var for less though.

Outkast must have a great hook-up, because that’s cheap.

If your only looking to spend around 400$, you should consider a different stack.

Well damn that sucks. I’m not sure what to do then. I want to do a 6 week cycle. What are amps? Any suggestions or comments on generics are welcome.

Ampoules are the form of bottle that the compound is stored in. Most primo comes in 1ml ampoules of 100mg/ml steroid. They aren’t as popular anymore because most sources sell jugs of juice, more cost effective and easier to use. Look up some pictures of amps, they require a little more work than your standard jug. I have seen 10ml jugs of primo at 150mg/ml, excellent stuff, but very hard to come by.

      But if you are really intent on using 'var, you either have to suck it up about the costs or find an awesome supplier.  Why not try a primo/winny or even just primo cycle, if you are looking for something mild, and then throw the 'var in for the last three weeks or so?  I have always been of the opinion that 'var by itself was not nearly as effective (although the same can probably be said for any steroid sans test, tren, or dbol......)....There's plenty of other gear out there that will give you better albeit cheaper results than anavar.   Lata....... 

beerbarbq wrote:

Outkast must have a great hook-up, because that’s cheap.

Damn right…as Squatty once so aptly put it, it’s dead sexy gear too…lol…lata

I’m on the 150mg/ml primo that comes in the 10ml vial right now. It is awesome stuff. The stuff is out there, you just have to look around. I had never tried primo before and i am quite impressed with it actually (i’m on 500mg/week along with 100mg winny/day)

Keep scouting, its out there.

Thanks a lot for the help guys. I’m excited because I found a source today. I’m going out of town tomorrow through Wednesday but he told me to stop in and see him when I get back in town. So I’ll see what kind of prices I can get, but I think I’ll do 500 mg/wk of primo and then probably some winny.

I thought I had read something about winny that turned me off but I just tried searching for it and couldn’t find it. The main reason I wanted var was because of how awesome it is at cutting fat. I hope primo and winny will shred quite a bit because that is one of the my main goals.

Well I talked to my source today. He said that I wouldn’t get the results I wanted on primo and winny and that I’d just get really shredded. He recommended EQ and said that I should do a 10 week cylce of it, injecting 200 mg the first week, then 400 mg for a couple weeks, then dropping it back down to 200 mg. He also said inject about 50 mg of winny every other day or so.

Now I don’t know much about EQ but I only want to do a 5 or 6 week cycle. He’s going to get back to me on prices tomorrow. I’m going to do some research on EQ now, but without prior knowledge I’d rather do 500 mg/wk of EQ for 5 weeks if I can get the same results. I don’t want to inject every other day so I’d rather take one shot of 100 mg/wk of winny. Thought I’d get some feedback from the guys that know their gear.

But isn’t the purpose of your cycle to lose fat? In which case, getting shredded off of primo and winny would be exactly what you want. I have never tried EQ, but one thing I do know is that the ester is long chain, and will take a while to clear out of your system. I’m not sure of exact numbers, but a five week cycle of 500mg/week EQ is going to end up being more than 5 weeks, because of the time it takes for the drug to clear from your system. So keep that in mind, because you won’t recover nearly as quickly as you would think from a five weeker.

Your source was correct, because EQ is much better suited for longer cycles. It takes some time to feel the effects from it, similar to deca, so you wouldn’t be feeling anything until week three or so, and then you would be already halfway done. This is all assuming that you don’t want to frontload about 6-800mgs or so.

But if you want to do a short cycle, check out tren, or test prop, maybe even nandrolone phenylpropionate if you can find it. Drugs with a shorter clearance time are better suited because they work more quickly and are out of your system more quickly, facilitating recovery.

And by the way, 100mg a week of winny will do absolutely nothing. It really is a waste of money, I’m not just saying that. If you are scared of injections, try winny tabs. Your source must have them, or find someone else. But for now I would stick with tren/winny and primo/winny as your choices.
And throw in some proviron with the tren/winny. (thanks p-22! lol)…Lata

EQ is way too long acting to use as a short cycle drug, and EQ only is a little silly too. I think you’re actually going down the right road with primo and winny. I’m running 500mg/week of primo and 700/week of winny and i am quite pleased. These drugs are on the expensive side of things though, but still are excellent choices, especially if you want to run a short cycle as these drugs are out of your system quickly. Something like EQ can persist almost as long as your cycle was. If its your first cycle, 10 lbs should not be tough to get.


Thanks guys. I’ll tell my guy I want primo and winny then. I’m a little confused about something. If I’m going to lose a lot of fat while on this gear and theoretically not gain new muscle mass does that mean that my body weight will dramatically go down.

If I’m correct in that 1% of bf equals 2lbs and I want to go from 17% down to 8% and I weigh 170 lbs, then I’m not going to end up at 152 lbs? Is the beauty of the gear that you lose fat while maintaining weight and all talk about putting on 10 lbs is net gain from my current weight?

What kind of results should I expect when it comes to losing fat? I know it varies, but a rough estimate.

700 mg/wk of winny sounds like a lot if I’m already going to be doing 500/wk of primo. Could I get by with 300 or 500/wk of winny? Is that one injection a week or do you have to do smaller doses several times each week? If it’s only once a week then I’ll inject it, otherwise I’d rather take it orally. Thanks a lot guys you’re really helping me.