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Oxandrolone vs Nandrolone on TRT?

Hello, just some background I’m 32. Been working out consistently since my teens. Started trt about 6 months ago my normal levels were 290. Doc was surprised i had so much muscle at such low levels I did though even with good diet, and working out for years still feel tired and low energy most of the times.

Recently, I looked around and found another clinic where I got prescribed oxandrolone torches 100mg x 50 and prescribed deca 200mg x 1 ml.

I’m currently on 200mg test cyp once a week and take .5 anastrazole half a pill on the day of my injection. Also use 500 iu hcg a week 250 Monday and 250 Thursday

My question is would I notice more of a physical change if I took 100mg nandrolone a week or 50 mg oxandrolone a day.

The Nandrolone will do more at those dosages. 50 mg/wk of oxandrolone isn’t much for a male. Many start with that much every day.

Oxandrolone and it’s not even close. Nothing will give you strength gains without significantly more side effects than oxandrolone. The muscle built is real lean tissue and the look is great. It’s not the most powerful one out there, but for what you’re asking for it’s an easy choice.

Edit: I assume you mean 50mg/d for the oxandrolone.

Yes, my apologies, I meant 50mg a day, so that would be 350 oxandrolone a week vs 100mg nandrolone injection once a week.

50 mg/day of Oxandrolone would be my choice. The side effect profile is more favorable. I would like to see what 50 mg/day of pharma Oxandrolone could do.

I can only speak of my stacks that I used when competing. I conservative stack was one androgen and two anabolics. (and there were many anabolics to chose from, but Deca was believed to assist joint injuries, so it was usually one of the anabolics.)
Example: 200mg test cip/wk, 200mg deca/wk and 10mg Anavar/day.

In other words, why not all three? It must be said, my cycles never exceeded 12 weeks, and that was only when a contest occurred at the end of the 12 weeks. Otherwise, off season cycles were 8 weeks “on”, 4 weeks off orals and 5 weeks off the last injection.

Well, my thinking was using smaller dosage of 100mg nandrolone 20 weeks which is the 10ml vial I got, or using 50mg oxandrolone for 6 weeks. I didn’t consider using both but now might, would using both significantly lower my lipids more then just using one at a time? Thanks.

Shouldn’t this be in pharma?

Anyway- as I’ve been drawn in… is oxandralone Anavar?

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Same compound. I don’t think actual Anavar exists still (was a brand name).

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It would seem the appropriate place.
Isn’t 200mg/wk test cip exceed TRT definitions.

When asked by someone in their 20’s to 50’s if 100mg test/wk would help their training results, I say that 100mg/wk is just enough to shut off your own testosterone. I tell them if you’re gonna take testosterone, take it like you want some big results, or don’t bother.

Absolutely. He is asking about legal cycling. Neither drug is TRT. I’m all for it but it’s in the wrong forum section.

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I’m 2 weeks into adding 50mg Var in with my TRT. I’ve done it before with 25mg and really liked the end result. Hoping this time around is even better. I was rx’d Nand as well but still worried about the side effects so that was an easy choice for me.

I’d say try the Var first by itself, then do the Nand by itself, then do them together (3 different cycles) so you can assess what’s doing what