Oxandrolone SHBG Question

I have some oxandrolone that I want to run for a few weeks in addition to my TRT.
I have used it before and it helped put on lean mass fairly quickly, but after a
period of time I got some gyno symptoms and stopped taking it. I was running
oxandrolone at one 10mg tablet in the mornings.

My SHBG was 12.5 on the 16-55 range. And my estradiol was 17 on the 7-43 range.
However, I was doing Testosterone Propionate EOD and have recently discovered
that it must be done daily to maintain stable Test. levels.

My question is this: Would gyno occur with the above SHBG in relation to my estradiol being higher? Or, did that happen to me because my Test. levels tanked by doing the
shots EOD, causing a poor Test. to E2 ratio? I believe the latter was the case.

I plan on doing 10mg oxandrolone daily, solely for the purpose of increasing my Free
Testosterone levels due to dropping SHBG.

Anastrozole should not be necessary, correct?

10mg of var a day??

Yep. It works for me at that dose. Just looking to augment Free Test. levels.
Also, it does cause fuller muscles/quick “gains” even at that dose for me.

My SHBG came in at the very top of the reference range in my recent blood test.
With Estradiol at 15pg/ml. So, this will kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak.


SHBG is a lot more complicated than people make it out to be. yes, it does bind to circulating androgens, but unbound androgens have a very short life in the body. SHBG is essentially a transport mechanism…

what dose prop were you taking with the 10 mg of anavar before, when you got gyno symptoms, and for how long?

I agree SHBG is complex. Even with my SHBG being at 33, Test. Prop. clears out almost
completely by the 48 hour post injection point. I believe I was doing either 20 or 25mg
Test. Prop. EOD w/ 10mg var daily when I eventually got the gyno symptoms.