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Oxandrolone Question...


Is it ok if I lower the dosis on weekends? I'm going to take 25 mg. ed for 4 weeks, but the thing is that I dont have enough to complete the 4 weeks,and I cannot get any more, so I'll be forced to reduce the dosis on weekends to 10 mg saturdays and sundays (I work out monday - friday)... This will be my entire cycle ...

1-8 500 mg. sust.
1-4 25 mg. oxa.
6-10 50 mg. stano.
1-12 0.5 ed a_dex


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i'm actually running sus 'cause it kicks faster than cyp or e... cannto run the cycle longer than that... And the A_dex is eod sorry... my bad... And I'll follow your advice, I also think it'll be better to run as much as I can in three weeks... thax for the advice.. This will be my first experience with oxa, and I know it's quite week,I wanted to run something like 40 mg. ed for 6 weeks, but I cannot get anymore.... .


The magic with var begins with dosages over 60mg/day.