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Oxandrolone, my first cycle.


-Training for 6 years, probably less than one year seriously bodybuilding style. Most of the time was spent learning or was more sport specific.
-Bench 225x1, Squat 315x2, dead 405x2 @ 150lbs
-Have no previous cycle history
-Using Oxandrolone (Anavar) as my first drug of choice.
-Reason for Anavar was just to try out/experience what steriods are about but mostly was to increase my overall body looks. To gain a little more mass
-Have read about Anavar and what my friends have had to say about it.
-This Anavar is apparently "pharmaceutical" grade but I do remain skeptical about it
-My friend talked to his previous supplier and he said this is legit the best kind you can possibly get.

-Was told to at my size now start with low dose 30mgs because of how more pure this Anavar I have and my body weight.
-Read countless forums and articles to do 80mgs min. to even see results
-Readon for drug choice was again to experience steriods for the first time
-Understand Anavar is the first drug of choice most people start with to see how their body reacts


Further notes- I haven't started it as my friend is going to do 20mg ED and I want to see first how he reacts and or gains from such a low dose. I want to do this right. I am relucant to start as I still have a long way to go in gaining weight and strength.

I have a feeling I'm going to get a stern "NO". I just want people's opinions that have much more experience than me doing it. I'm not stupid about this kind of stuff and will listen to what has to be said. If it looks like a waste of my time to you guys I will probably just get rid of the stuff.



If your reluctance to start is based on your current level of development, that's as good a reason as any to wait.

How tall are you?

Dont bother with anavar for afirst cycle if mass gain is your goal. Its expensive for what it does. I think it's a great drug but its not a top choice for a first cycle.


I was hoping you would respond.

I am 5'9". I didn't want to do a big cycle for my first as my buddies have really messed up their endocrine system. Mostly to with with them not being able to get erections on command. However, they did do their first cycle pretty heavy and at a younger age (17-18) for about a year staight. Another reason why I was reluctant to do anything above Anavar for my first. 
With that being said I think I have more reading to do into the matter about cycles than just my buddies giving their experience on it.

What do you (anyone) think?

Thanks for the input thus far.

edit: Ya, I'm going to hold off on it till I feel really confident I want to take it. I have it so I'm in no real rush to do it. Going to do a more reading. That was easy. Little bit of a pointless thread.


var is not any safer than any other type of AAS.
they all hold side effects and can be screwed up in each their own ways,so dont take anavar only just because your afraid of the risks that come with taking steroids.

if your going to do something study up and do them right.
you will either be less than satisfied and waste your time and money or you can hurt yourself in the long run.

so yes read more,chime in with questions when they arise in other threads and be patient.