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Oxandrolone and Muscular Dystrophy

I’ve been reading this forum for a while, and now it’s time to post. I have a very rare kind of progressive Muscular Dystrophy (MD), which I’ve struggled with since my teens. I’m now in my late 30s and can no longer walk, but I’m functioning enough to hold down a job and a have a pretty full life. There’s no cure, and over the years I’ve tried just about every therapy you can imagine.

In recent years, I’ve become very interested in the potential of anabolic therapies. I first discovered this potential when I got my TRT properly tuned up (thank you KSman et al. for your incredibly informative discussions!) and experienced a significant increase in scapular strength. Further research led me to promising studies on oxandrolone and MD. Fortunately, I have an intelligent and open-minded doctor who is willing to learn with me and monitor my therapy.

It’s no cure, but low-dose oxandrolone combined with TRT (T+hCG+AI) gives me a slight increase in strength in some muscles, helps me recover more quickly from physically demanding days, and gives me a slight boost in overall energy and QOL. Currently, I am prescribed 11.25 mg of oxandrolone per day in divided doses, and I take it in cycles of 3 weeks on/1 week off, repeat.

I’ve been cycling for about a year and a half, and since this is a long-term therapy, I’m concerned about the potential risks of taking an oral anabolic long term. As you know, oxandrolone can elevate liver enzymes and have undesirable effects on the lipid profile. Here are some labs comparing values after a one-month washout period (no oxandrolone) and values taken after several months of 3 weeks on/1 week off (labs drawn while on oxandrolone):

My ALT/SGPT jumped from 72 off the ox to 173 on it (range of 2-60).
My AST/SGOT jumped from 42 off the ox to 95 on it (range of 10-50).
My total cholesterol and LDL stay within range on the ox, but my HDL dropped from 45 to 25 (range >39).
Chol/HDL ratio goes from 2.8 to 5.8 (range of <5) when on the ox.
My SHBG is normally low at around 7 (range of 8-48), and on the ox it drops down to around 2.
Albumin stays normal, total T stays mid-range, and bioavailable and free T stay at the top of the “normal” range.
On or off the ox, estradiol stays in low-normal range with anastrozole.

I know from experience that my labs, specifically liver profile and lipid panel, return to normal after only one month off of the oxandrolone, but currently, I’m never off more than a week. I start feeling weak and tired after about a week off, and I worry about irreversible muscle loss during the time off. My doctor says that my liver enzymes are not alarmingly high, yet, and we know that muscular dystrophy can elevate them.

She suggests keeping my regimen the same for now, with the exception of reducing my Niacin (which I take for heart health) dose from 1500 mg to 500 mg because it can elevate liver enzymes. Meanwhile I’ll keep taking my liver supplements, EFAs, etc., and see what the next lab report says in a month or so.

Oxandrolone improves my QOL, but I really don’t want to endanger my liver and heart health. It always comes down to weighing the benefits and risks, and I’m trying to strike the right balance. Not too many people in my world know about anabolics, so this treatment option can be a lonely one. I’m posting here because I know there are a lot of intelligent people with first-hand AAS experience on this forum.

My questions for you all: Would a switch to a 2 week on/1 week off cycling plan be a reasonable option for maintaining strength but giving the liver profile and lipid panel more frequent chances to regain some normality? Can anyone offer any insights based on your own experience with 2-week oxandrolone cycles or oxandrolone use in general? Thank you in advance for any thoughts you’re willing to share with me.

Fwiw, you seem to be sensitive to Var. I would say others wouldn’t get quite as bad sides from such a low dose… Doubt that helps you. Maybe there’s another compound you could try. As you prob know by now, you need to be your own expert / lab rat in this world if you have health issues. Best of luck to you.

Thanks for your reply, ScienceGuy. I just got back from a neurologist who confirmed that ALT and AST can indicate either muscle breakdown or liver breakdown, so in cases of MD, you really can’t trust those markers as being indicative of what’s going on in the liver. He believes it’s a positive sign that my other liver markers are normal and recommends a liver ultrasound if I really want to know what’s going on. So it could be the case that my liver is not as sensitive to the Anavar as I thought. In any case, taking it still does a number on my lipid panel.

I like ScienceGuy’s idea about the possibility of substituting another compound, and this is something I’d like to further explore. Can anyone recommend compounds that substitute well for var? Last I checked, most of the other anabolics available by prescription are also orals. The exceptions are T, of course, and Nanrolone, which I think can still be prescribed and processed through a specialty compounding pharmacy. But even if I was able to get my doctor on board with the latter, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be wise to regularly pin into dystrophic muscle. But I’m a pro at sub-cutaneous injections. Can Deca be injected sub-q? Has anyone tried it?

I’m sorry I don’t have any advice directly applicable to your situation, but I was curious how taking it with grapefruit juice would affect your liver.

Grapefruit juice has an enzyme that reportedly increases the bio-availability of many drugs, including oxandrolone (I think). Whether that would in turn increase the stress on the liver, I don’t know. Perhaps run it by your doc?

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i Pm’d you in response to your post of oxandrolone, my email is igtagsxrby@gmail.com PLEASE email me back. Im so happy your doctor has an open mind those ar ehard to come by now adays.

Miotolan. Still ingested orally but it improves lipid profile

Thanks for the Miotalan (Furazabol) tip!

Hi, I am interested in your research, I was recently diagnosed, and am progressively losing strength. I am particularly interested in rebuilding scapular strength as you stated. This is my major issue right now.