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Oxandrolone/Anavar to Increase Appetite?


Age: 21
Height: 5’10
Weight: 193lb
Years of Lifting: 3-3.5
BF: 15% (roughly)
Current Calorie Intake: 6000

I am currently 6-7 months into my second bulk at the moment so I am once again hating my life.

Before I started lifting I was borderline anorexic and was blissfully unaware of how pathetic my appetite was. My daily caloric intake before I started lifting was about 1000 calories MAX.
Fast forward to now and I’m having awful problems with bulking and have whenever I’ve been bulking ever since i started lifting.

  1. Eating takes up EVERY second of my time when I’m not at work or lifting.
  2. I can’t eat quickly for some reason, and if i try to down anything quickly (whether it be liquid calories or solid calories) I chuck it all up within 5 minutes every single time.
  3. Physical Activity doesn’t increase my appetite at all. I’m always completely full at about the 2000 mark.
  4. Liquid calories doesn’t appear to make it any easier. I’m having 2000 calories worth of liquid calories right now and it hasn’t helped.
  5. Like I said eating takes up all my time so after I’ve eventually finished eating I have to get to bed instantly however for some reason when my body is digesting food my body temperature increases dramatically which makes it impossible for me to get to sleep.
  6. I work a manual labour job so my caloric intake has to be a lot higher to compensate for the calories burned there but again this is a problem because like i said before exercise doesnt increase my appetite.

I have tried everything I can think to get the calories in without throwing up/losing stupid amounts of sleep/or feeling like my stomach is actually going to explode. You might think I’m just acting like a child but in my opinion consuming under a 1000 calories a day and being more than content with that is not normal.

So back to the main question. I know that anavar can be used to stimulate your appetite, so would this be an effective option for me?

No need for Var, take some digestive enzymes with HCL and try one of this guy’s programs -will get you damn hungry …

Wouldn’t hurt to see an MD/medical professional knowledgable about metabolic disorders either

I’d try to stay away from AAS at 21, but if looking for a drug to increase appetite, mk-677 works wonders. I don’t have an appetite problem, so I need to stay away from it, because I will binge eat all day on it. As little as 10 mg/day will have your appetite roaring. Also gives amazing pumps In the gym.

Sounds like you have either a serious medical issue or mental issue. Getting to the root of the problem will prove more beneficial in the long run rather than masking it.

But to answer your question have you tried Marijuana? It works for cancer patients it will probably work for you. What I would not do tho is use an AAS of any sort to try and cope with the issue.