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Oxa Cycle + Some Test P

Hello my strong fellas!
My first post here comes as a question to you, as you are way more experienced than I am.
I’m 28, i’ve been training for almost 7 years now(with many breaks in-between, but now i have 2 years with no bigger than 2 weeks break).
I’m 6.0 and I weigh about 185lbs. Bodyfat? Around 20% right now.

My purpose right now is to lose 10%BF and gain a bit of muscle. I’ve never done any cycle before and I want to try something light at first.

I was thinking of this:

Oxa 50/60/70/70/70/70
Test P(just 100mg every 3 days, starting the second week)
Proviron 50/day each week
Milk Thistle just in case.

4th day after last Oxa: clomid 250 mg + tamoxifen 60 mg
Next 10 days: clomid 100 mg + tamoxifen 40 mg
Last 10 days: clomid 50mg + tamoxifen 20mg

HCG… should I take it as PCT or during the cycle as well?
PS: Is AI needed during the Cycle? considering the low TestP dosage?

Thanks in advance for any input!

That’s a pretty big request. Would take some serious diet discipline.

I take it you mean Oxandrolone (Anavar)?

For your first cycle, most of us recommend a straight Test Ethanate cycle of 500 mg/week. Nothing else. You really need to see the effects of single compounds before stacking a ton of shit together.

Diet will be in check, low fat, clean carbs, high prot. Training as well.

I was thinking of doing just Oxandrolone fist, but after a bit of research I found out that some test could be helpful.

Stick just to Anavar then? And forget the Test P? It’s not the fear of the needles the reason I want Anavar…

No brother, you misunderstand me. Just Test Ethanate. 500 mg/week pin twice a week. Nothing else. Tamoxifen on hand to deal with nipple sensitivity issues. Run for 12 weeks.

Ok sir. Understood. Ty.

You’re going to go blind by day three.


How so?

Most serious side effect of Clomid is vision impairment. That happens to guys at 50mg. You’re taking 5x that amount for some unknown reason. Then you’re going to take 2x that the next 10 days, again for reasons known only to you. Look, the wheel is a pretty great invention and it’s already in use today. But if you want to spend the time reinventing it you are free to do so. But nobody know cares about your health is going to tell you to do it.

Any sort of constructive criticism is more than welcome. The PCT protocol I wrote is the one i found the most on the webs. And the reason I asked you guys is to be sure I’m not fcuking myself up. :smiley:

Please tell me where you’re seeing that protocol. Because it’s an abomination. It is reckless and wildly unscientific. (None of which is your fault; I blame them for putting that nonsense up there)

Pct does not need to be complicated. Nolva for either four or six weeks, depending on what school of thought you subscribe to. But Clomid—while effective—is not the best choice as far as risk/reward.

And some other few that are not in english.

Any other PCT you’d suggest?

Nolva 40/40/20/20

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Iron gives solid advice. I second everything he said. You’re in good hands.

I would like to see you get leaner and a tad bigger naturally first.screw the orals. And actually I like the idea of test prop, but pin EOD at 70 to 100mgs per shot. Tamoxifen alternating days of test. And have aromasin/exemestane on hand.

I’m trying to make a plan here, and have everyhting on hand/written out for each day of the cycle. Diet included. I won’t start anything until I have that sorted out…

And until then, I’ll start dieting at 1800kcal/day, hoping I’ll shed some bodyfat.

These things aside, it’s a mess in my head. I started out thinking I want an Anavar/Proviron only cycle. Then I fiddled around with the idea of adding some Test P.
I came here, studhammer told me to forget it and go Test E. Now you, norse_str3ngth, tell me you like Test P. Just test P alone?

So far I only have my PCT sorted out. HCG I can buy whenever I want. The AI i’ll have to look for… but the cycle per-se… no idea what i’m gonna buy. I guess I’ll read more for a while.

Test p is good for shorter cycles, test e for longer ones. Test e is better for a first run because you don’t have to pin as often and first time guys should keep it as simple as possible. But using p instead isn’t going to hurt you. You’ll just have to inject eod.