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Ox Bile?


Does anyone have any suggestions for a good brand of ox bile? Is there anything I should look for in the ingrediants that would make any particular formula good/bad?


Not sure Biotest will like brand suggestions, however i like mercola's digestive enzymes. 400mg ox bile, papain, bromelain, amylase, alpha galactosidase. I take 1 with an extra fatty meal. When i took 3 a day, 1 with each meal i got nauseous so i keep it down to 1-2 at most


yeah just get some digestive enzymes from a decent brand (Mercola, NOW, etc)


Sounds good to me. And for the record, if Biotest made an ox bile supplement, I'd buy it this minute.


yes I would like to see a probiotic and digestive enzyme supp from them. Also brain candy!


I hope it doesnt seem like a shameless plug, but Biotest really does make the best stuff. I wish i could go to them for everything.