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Owning a Transformation Challenge


Hi guys i recently signet up for a 12 week transformation challenge and i would like to hear if im doing it correct. I want to challenge my self and ofcourse own this motherf* :slight_smile:
I train for around 2 years, im 26y old, 187cm and 85kg, around 14%bf (6.1 and 187pounds-ish). My 1Rm on squat and deadlift are 160kg (352pounds) beltless.
For 6 months i lifted mike o hearn style. Now im switching to the prescribed program. I try to add the pictures of it later.

My meals are mostly whole eggs, chicken and fish for protein. Coconut oil,nuts,almond butter for fats. White/brown/basmati rice, white potatoes, oats and bananas for carbs.
That makes 280g/50-70g/280g of P/F/C on leg and back day, 280g/50-70g/230g on chest and shoulders day and 230g/50-70g/180g on rest day.

I can send some current/progress pictures or any other informations if requested. And im willing to do anything natural to nail this and see how far i can push my self


Whatโ€™s the criteria for the transformation challenge? Is it one of those stupid biggest loser office challenges or something else?


Neil Hill made this up on his site and he picks up 5