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'Owned' Photo

I have never really cared about the whole “owned” photo craze but I saw this photo and just had to create my own “owned” photo. As soon as I saw this, “owned” popped into my head. Who knows, someone else might have already done this one but this photographer is “owned” in the purest form of the word.

LMFAO at that one… Hope the camera turned out OK… sheesh… thanks for the photo… going to have use it for the interoffice emails…

Thanks PGA !

Here’s one that applies.

Thanks Dave, I was hungry til I saw that shit

The Ultimate Owned

[quote]David Barr wrote:
Here’s one that applies.[/quote]

man, that’s terrible…did he break his leg? I can’t tell as the pic is grainy.

Or this one :slight_smile:

This is fun.


one more