OwainGlyndwr's Training Log

Training log as I endeavor to become the strongest man in my household. My boys are currently 3 years and 2.5 months, respectively, so I’ve got a head start. I need to maintain it.


What is your plan?
What is your training history?
Are you open to suggestions on where to begin?

You are setting the example as a good man should.


Appreciate it. I’m always open to suggestions, though I should note that I’m not a beginner; just decided it would be beneficial to do more than lurk and to have a more public-facing place where I log my training.

I started a new program yesterday and was waiting until the topic got approved to start logging it here. Now that it has, Reddit’s down, which is where the brief overview I did for the program is hiding. I’ll either reduplicate it here or wait until I can access and copy it over.


Guess it’ll be nice to have some training history laid out too.

M, 5’11, will be 33 in two weeks. Married, two young boys, WFH as a writer/editor.

Clean 225x1
Press 255x1, 165x13
Push Press 275x1
Bench 335x1, 275x6
Squat 495x1, 365x7
Deadlift 555x1
Best mile time 6:34; 22:42 5k

pre-2016: played a lot of sports growing up, mostly baseball and basketball, pretty outdoorsy/active kid, then graduated college and got super fat and lazy, then got married somehow.
2016: dieted from ~310 to ~225, started doing regular LISS and very basic resistance training.
2017: followed some LP programs, started cycling and being more intentional with cardio. Think I hit a 225 bench this year.
2018: more of the same. Cardio and conditioning got better, still wasn’t really invested in lifting but kept at it.
2019: still doing an LP but actually followed it better. Learned how to deadlift. Started to notice a lot of calf growth from hill cycling and lifting. Really liked that, decided to take lifting seriously.
2020: read 5/3/1, got a couple weeks into a program, then went on lockdown. Bought ~700 pounds of sand and a lead pipe, made a little lifting dungeon in my cellar. Starting running, which previously I’d hated. Starting logging 50–70 miles per month in the latter half of the year.
2021: got back into the gym more regularly, kept running, followed 5/3/1 and saw a lot of growth. Hit most of my all-time PRs during this period.
2022: moved across the country, competed in strongman for the first time, slowly started slacking on cardio/conditioning while pursuing some strength goals. Happy with strength progress; unhappy with fat accumulation and being less in shape. Continued with 5/3/1 and did some SBS programming.
2023 to date: very slowly turning the ship around on cardio/conditioning and fat loss. Ran a modified 10k KB challenge from Dan John when my second son was born. Strength is still holding good, but my goals for the rest of the year are to exclusively focus on fat loss and getting back in shape. Currently sitting around 290. Should see a good drop initially if I stop eating like an idiot.

Immediate goals are to run a homebrew program called Training the Light Fantastic, which is some technique work, some KBs, lots of conditioning, some Tier 3 Tactical strength and WOD workouts, and lots of running and bodyweight work. I’ll stick with that through the end of July, then pivot to another homebrew framework I’ve been working on for a while, which I think will become my de facto baseline for training for a good long time.

So for the next 7 or 8 weeks, my focus is weight loss and just getting back in shape. After that I’ll likely do some more strongman competitions and just finish up weight loss stuff by the end of the year so I’m more competitive for next year. Would love to also match/surpass some of my PRs at a lower bodyweight and hit some better PRs for stuff like WODs, rowing, and running.


Training the Light Fantastic

New program time! The name was chosen for a couple reasons: I’m focused on submax (“light”) weights and explosivity (hence the dancing reference); I want to get lighter and look fantastic; I’m endeavoring to make this program an ode to Euphrosyne in hopes that I receive merriment and good cheer in return.

This is also a two-parter. The follow-up program will likely be something like Milton’s Revenge and will be more in line with Paradise Lost in brutality and punishment, haha. But I do expect that after TTLF I’ll actually pivot to another homebrew that I’ve been working on for a while, and MR will come later.

This run of TTLF should last me through the end of July. My purposes are kickstarting serious weight loss, establishing better nutritional habits, reconditioning myself, and simply putting in a lot of work to get in better shape in order to achieve my goals.

Happy to detail the framework’s progression should anyone be interested, though it’s not anything particularly special - just a combination of technique work, kettlebell swings, Tier 3 Tactical strength and WOD workouts, pump stuff, bodyweight work, running, conditioning, yoga, and walking.

4x/week lift, run, conditioning
3x/week yoga, bodyweight work, complexes
Lots of walks
Swimming, hiking, cycling as available

20–30 reps barbell technique work
100–500 KB swings
3 accessory/pump movements
T3T strength workout
T3T conditioning WOD
Chins, dips, abs

Endurance (run xx:xx without walking, LP)
Speed (mile in xx:xx, LP)
Distance (run x miles, LP)
Free (whatever)

At least 2 rowing sessions
WODs, cycling, whatever

Walk - 0.98 miles
Meditative yoga - 18:42
Pushups x15
Situps x15

Pushups x15
Situps x15

Note: Family stuff beckoned and I settled for an absolute bare minimum. Fine with that. Would like to work on raising the floor as I get back into shape though.

Row - 1500m, 8:00
Treadmill Run - 1.0 miles, 13:38, endurance: 5:00 nonstop
Walk - 0.32 miles

Press 5x3 @ 135
KB swing x100 (15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 25) @ 88
Shrug 3x10 @ 115
Row 3x10 @ 115
BB Curl 2x25 @ 45
T3T Strength - Front Squat x3 @ 135, EMOM, 6 rounds
T3T WOD - Push Press @ 115 and chins, 25 reps each in groups of 5, 9:43
Dips x10 @ 220 total (70 assistance)
Abs Machine x25 @ 130

Note: Pretty solid first day. Scaling down the T3T stuff both to get acclimated and to accommodate some of the other stuff I’m doing. Enjoyed the setup though, and I think these workouts will push me. Nice to do some swings with the heavier bell. Running and walking were very minimal, but I’ve got to start somewhere. Will try to get in another walk later on.


Row - 1500m, 7:44

Bench Press x30 (20, 10) @ 135
KB swing 6x25 @ 53
BTN Press 5x5 @ 135
Calf Raise 2x20 @ 250
T3T Strength - Deadlift x3 @ 225, EMOM, 6 rounds
Chins 5x5
Dips x12 @ 235 total (60 assistance)
Abs Machine x50 @ 130

Note: Another good training session. A little short on time, so I’ll make up the WOD, the final accessory movement, and the run tomorrow in addition to the bodyweight & recovery stuff planned then. Should work out well. Oblique is still a little tender so I kept the deads light, but it’ll be good to ramp those up again. Weight was 296 after a bunch of kolaches this morning, so I likely lost some compared to yesterday. I’m definitely feeling like this program is pushing me in the right direction so far.


W1D4 cont’d
Walk - 0.55 miles

Outdoor Run - 1.41 miles, 17:00, speed: 11:40 first mile

Note: Will follow up on lingering WOD/leg ext from D4 when I get them done, tonight or tomorrow. On the one hand, it sucks that my running pace is so slow now; on the other, this is actually marked improvement over recent efforts. I’m deciding to be both pleased and motivated. I do need to get back into the habit of running prior to lifting though; this run was a lot better because I was fresher, and I’ve never found lifting after running to take too much of a hit unless I’ve really got a big PR I’m shooting for. Diet continues to be the stumbling block, but it’s getting better. Have eaten too much already today, but the food has been better quality, the macros have been chosen more intentionally, and I’m feeling lots better about my choices as a result.


Walk - 0.95 miles
Outdoor Run - 3.04 miles, 37:07, distance

Clean & Press x5 @ 155
Deadlift x10 @ 155
Front Squat x5 @ 155
Good Morning x5 @ 155
Hammer Curls x25 @ 35
KB swings x100 @ 53
Chins x25

Note: What a run. Goal was three miles, which is a paltry distance but presently a challenge, and I feel like I crushed it, relatively speaking. Negative splits was a huge win. As a result, only had time for a short gym session, so I did the above in a big circuit in 18:37. Nice pump, grab a burger, call it good.


I updated the post a few back with an overview of this program, in case anyone’s interested.

Row - 1000m, 4:52
Outdoor Run - 2.02 miles, 28:00, free

Squat x10 @ 225
KB Swing 4x25 @ 70
Press x25 (10, 10, 5) @ 135
Chins x5

Note: decent across the board, nothing special. Visiting family today, so limited time for lifting, but I got some stuff done.

First week of the program down. I’m a fan. My goal this week was just to see how everything works. Ideally I’ll have 3 “full sessions” and 1 flexible at-home/quick session per week (rather than 2 and 2 this week), but this was a good start. The technique work and KB stuff are vital and the T3T workouts are killer and help address weak points. A big aspect for me is to prioritize running over lifting for this block, and so far that’s going well.

Next week’s goals: more yoga, longer walks, 3 full sessions, and fix diet. Currently maintaining at ~3700 calories and not eating enough protein or drinking enough water. Goal for the coming week is sub-2500, 180g protein, 1 gallon of water minimum. Should see some pretty solid results with just that.


Walk - 1.56 miles

Note: This really helped loosen up some stiff muscles. I also took a nap later on in the day. Nutrition is turning around; even with leftover pulled pork fries and a baked potato bar to celebrate Father’s Day, I was at a comfortable deficit with plenty of protein and water. Feeling good so far. My sons gave me a book and a snowcone gift card, so clearly they understand me haha.


:laughing: I love it.


Haha thanks dude.

It was definitely tongue-in-cheek, but to be honest, a big reason to eat well/train hard/be strong/be healthy is to model good behaviors for them. And, additionally, I meant what I said about the head start—both boys have the right frames to get absolutely jacked, I think, so I can’t slack off. It’s good motivation all around.


Walk - 1.04 miles

Note: Work and personal stuff ran long today, so I shifted stuff around the rest of the week. At least got something in.

KB swings x300 @ 53 (125, 7x25)
Press 6x5 @ 135
Chins x30
BB curls x25 @ 45

Note: Curtailed training today because it’s my anniversary! Training should resume as planned tomorrow, but this was a good half-workout blitz. Supersetted everything, got it done in ~25 minutes, not bad. Need to get back to taking my presses from the ground, but this was a good balance with the swings. Very proud of that initial 125-swing set, which is a PR. Felt great.


KB swings x150 @ 53 (75, 25, 30, 20) in 6:51

Note: More anniversary shenanigans, so this was a late-night quick session. Good lower back pump. Training should resume as scheduled now.


Row - 1500m, 7:01 (PR)

T3T WOD - Bench x8 @ 185, KB Swing x20 @ 70.5, 5 rounds, 9:07
Press x10 @ 185 (PR)
BB curls x25 @ 45
Chins x10

Note: Really excellent session today. That WOD is definitely getting added to the rotation. Weight is still 296, which is okay given how I’m eating, but still. Time to shape up.


Row - 1500m, 6:49 (PR)
Treadmill Run - 1.1 miles, 13:12

Press x5 @ 135
BTN Press x5 @ 135
Calf Raise x50 @ 250 (PR)
Leg Extension x50 (25, 25) @ 100
T3T WOD - Deadlift x5 @ 275, 24" box jump x5, 5 rounds, 8:16

Note: Air quality is terrible here right now, so no outdoor running today. Hoping to get in a long one tomorrow if things clear up at all. Superset for both presses, which is honestly a movement I love. CR set had my calves seized for the walk out to the car, haha.

Plan for tomorrow is running, maybe some cycling or swimming, a session of swings/chins/dips, and probably some more pressing because it’s the best.


Also tomorrow I’m going to start logging some nutrition/weight stuff here more regularly for accountability. Probably daily weigh-in and a MacroFactor end-of-day screenshot. Somebody pressure me to do it or I’ll never learn.


W2D6 continued
Walk - 0.96 miles

Run - 3.01 miles, 39:17, free

Nutrition: 3176 kcal, 102 protein, 152 ounces water, 520mg caffeine
Morning weight: 295.2

Note: Instead of swings or anything else, I took my oldest to a carnival and hung out with him in the hot sun for three hours. It was a blast.

First time doing nutrition info and daily weigh-in. Think I’ll stick with this format. It’s all logged elsewhere but it might be nice to correlate with exercise. Carnival meant way too many carbs, no regrets. Tried an intra-workout gel for the first time, I actually felt a different in recovery for the second half of the run, might continue to do that for longer runs.


Walk - 1.31 miles

Push-ups x20
Sit-ups x20
KB Swings x50 @ 53

Nutrition: 2792 kcal, 171g protein, 96 ounces water, 320mg caffeine
Morning weight: 296.2

Note: Man, time flies when you nap. The walk was nice, and it was good to get in some quick work before bed. Still need to be doing yoga regularly. Tomorrow’s busy, so I’m not sure what my training will be, but I’ll get something in. Food today was excellent: beef and jalapeño omelette for lunch, homemade crab étouffée over rice for dinner.


Yoga - 22:41
Push-ups x20

Nutrition: 3234 kcal, 181g protein, 104 ounces water, 160mg caffeine
Morning weight: 299.2