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Hey all. Got a little torqued up last night and went to a house party. As per the usual for larger than average guys, I started to get used as a measuring stick. Everyone and their dog wanted to arm-wrestle me. I was all too up for it. Now I haven't done this in about 3 or four years.(Not since I've gotten stronger) While I was doing it, my elbows were making popping noises and now (the morn' after) I hurt. It hurts to bend my arms, It hurts to straighten them. My question, to those who have arm wrestled before, is: is this normal? Will the pain diminish? or should I get to an ART guy right away?


Relax! Your soreness will diminish. You have used muscles and tendons in a different manner than what you are used to. Three days or so it should be back to normal. Rest those three days.

By the way, did you win all the arm wrestling matches?


go to a orthopitis (sp?) and get it checked out before you go to ART simplest thing to do right now is just to follow the R.I.C.E protocol Rest Ice Compress and Elevate.

In Heath,


ZEB: You know it! I was at it for about 40- 45 minutes, alternating arms, and kickin' ass all over the place. :slight_smile:


Dude i had trhe exact same thing happen one night. It tooks two weeks to fully recover.




dude you should know the answer to this already. just go get drunk again and all of your problems will go away.


Same here. Two weeks.