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Ow Sore...


I hit a PR on squat the other day. DOMS set in the next night. Now I've been sore for three days, and it was really debillitating yesterday. So this is my question: How sore is too sore? At what point do you KNOW that you way overdid it, and is there anyway to mitigate the damage?


Believe it or not - another workout, a light one, can get some blood into the tissues and speed healing.


There is no such thing as too sore!
The intensity of DOMS involves more variables than what went on in any single workout. You may do a similar session two months from now with a totally different level of soreness.
Low intensity cardio & low body mobility work will help....they will both be uncomfortable in the beginning, but will make a big difference.


What blue collar said is right even just some walking around will help
Also you may not be eating enough I know when I am dieting I feel the pain worse than when I am eating at or over maitenence.