Ow my stomach

Yesterday for my post-post workout meal, I took Waterbury’s advice and crammed down as much carbs and protein in a 2:1 ratio as I could. I was really bummed out because I only could put down what I believed to be 150 grams from whole vegetable sources and fruits. Today after staring at the nutrition facts on the brown rice bag, I realized that I miscalculated and was about 100 grams off. I really put down 250 grams of carbs. 2.5 Hours after that meal, I also ate 3 sweet potatoes and an apple. No wonder I was in pain! This is coming from a fella who has a hard time consuming 3600 kcal in a day from clean sources. I know machine is a big fan of this particular eating protocol. Is anyone else?

I interviewed CW for an upcoming article and we talked about this. He says you need more carb-dense sources. Here’s a sneak peak at the interview:

“My clients take in half a gram of protein per pound of lean body mass and a gram of carbs per pound of lean body mass in the hour after training. The carbs should come from bagels and cereals, mostly medium to high G.I. sources. It’s hard to get that many carbs in that hour, so you have to choose carb-dense sources. And remember, you don’t want high fiber cereals in this case, so I recommend a combination of bagels, Frosted Cheerios, Smart Start, Golden Grahams, and things like that. Fat intake needs to be nil in that hour, so use skim milk.”

All this comes about an hour after your post-workout drink, BTW, and he only recommends it for hardgainers after really tough training sessions. Also, you have a whole hour to do it, not just one meal in one sitting. You could eat, sit 30-40 minutes, then eat again.

It sounds like you’ve been making some less than optimal carb choices - at least for this particular plan.

Oh yeah, it’s hard as hell to cram in that many of the “clean carbs”.

I myself have been going with more grains/fruits in the post workout than the thick veggies, just due to that issue. I simply cant eat enough green veggies to add up to anything, and also noticed that doing so really didn’t seem to accomplish what I needed either.

So bagels, pretzels and other higher carb sources is what I have, along with some fruit and my protein.

What about candied yams or mashed potatoes? It’s east to eat a ton of those :smiley:

mmm yams… got tons of those too :slight_smile:

I was following Berardi’s advice on staying away from the high density carb sources. Now I realize this is really hard for me to do, so I’m sticking with brown rice, potatoes, yams, etc.

Macajiah, you’re absolutely right. I am a huge fan of this method if you’re looking to put on lots of mass. I don’t agree with CW about a few things. Well, it’s personal preference really.

Nix the vegetables and fruits. God, I don’t know how anyone could eat that many veggies in one sitting. Eat what you enjoy, but do try to keep it somewhat healthy. I don’t enjoy most of the food choices he gave so I came up with my own list:

Carb sources are pasta, bagels, tortillas, brown rice, and fat-free yogurt.

Protein sources are chicken, egg whites, and I usually wash it all down with a scoop of Low-carb Grow!

Lately I’ve been having difficulty eating but generally it is quite easy to put down 1,500 to 2,000 kcals in about 10 minutes. The key is eating fast, only stopping for a breath. Seriously. Do this an hour or so after your PW drink, or as soon as you’re ready to feast.

I would only use this plan if you are using anabolics/androgens or a seriously hard gainer. PM me if you have any more questions or post on this thread.

After my surge i eat this kick as shake. it’s like 1000 cals:

-----P80, C120
2 class of water 8 oz.
1 Banana 25/2
1 Cup Oatmeal 54/10
2 Scoops Grow 16/27
1 cup cup c.chese 10/32
1 Glass Skim-plus Milk 15/8

You need a pretty strong blender though because i broke my last one making this shake.

It gets easier after time to stuff the food in the pie hole…haha. I was the same way in that I felt like I was going to EXPLODE after eating. The key is to increase kcals in small increments. After awhile, you will get used to eating like a “bat out of hell” and it will be no sweat! Well, you will sweat, but that is besides the point…haha. ANyways, Shugs made a great point regarding that it is not necessary to eat the meal in ONE sitting. You can eat, wait 30 minutes and eat again. This is something I have started to do recently.

I with everyone else and try to keep my carb to protein ratio 2:1 and here is the basic list of my sources:

Carbs: yams (mashed and mixed with Splenda and cinnommon…YUM), Smart Start (mixed with water and Grow!), Fiber One (not alot), apple, flax bread, yogurt, oatmeal, green veggies

Protein: Grow!, cottage cheese, chicken breast.

I eat 60 minutes after training. This is by FAR my largest meal of the day (1000-1500 kcals) and then I eat another P+C meal 90 minutes later consisting of chicken and oatmeal mixed with Grow! It sure is fun to eat all this food huh everyone???