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Ow. My Hip Flexor


I've been doing Waterbury's The Next Big 3 for a couple of weeks now. Deadlift walks are awesome. Pulldowns/ups are progressing nicely. Squat presses are hurting me though. I go below parallel, almost ass to the floor, but my left hip flexor feels strained.

Should I work through it and just be sure to stretch better or give it time off? Any suggestions, comments, etc. are welcome. Let me re-phrase that: Any suggestions, comments, etc. related diretly to my question are welcome..


Maximum Mobility DVD by Cressey . .I do a battery of the warm up stretches prior to squats/ romanian deads, etc. . . .things are going much better . .

In the meantime- this stretch as often as possible . .everytime you get up from the TV or your desk . .