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Ow..I Can't Move... Shinigami - Total Novice

Here I am… I followed low carb for 2 years lost 60 lbs about 6 years ago, but due to circumstances beyond my control (like having to evac from a hurricane 3 times in one year and being stuck in a shelter for a few days) I went off and started eating crap again. Well, I gained most of it back.

I’m a 39 year old nurse with type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism… I also weigh 334 lbs…but don’t look like THAT much, even the doc was amazed! I have a VERY large frame and musculature (8 inch wrist lol) I belonged to a gym before and was up to 400ln leg press but only 85 lb bench hides

Well, I just joined a gym and restarted Low carb. Monday, I go to see the trainer for my orientation.
The trainer already hinted I should do LOTS of cardio and not worry so much about the weights to lose the weight, which I KNOW is total crap.
She also said I should be doing low calorie and low fat…which is how I got over 300 lbs in the first place!

I just want to see her so I can get proper form, especially for my weak rotator cuffs and crunchy knees lol
I know from experience that female trainers I’ve run into always try to push me toward the machines, which I do NOT want…“You don’t want bulky muscles! You want to TONE” …ummm NO, I WANT muscles. One even tried to tell me lifting heavy makes you LOSE muscle!

Does anyone have any recommendations for routines? Or advice for a total fat chick wanting to get fit?

Just wanted to say hi…I took interest because of your hypo-t, which is something a few of the girls here(including myself) have…

Looking forward to following your progress!

As far as routines,you don’t need anything fancy. Sticking to the basics is good…

What about the “shut up and lift,” program?


Just an idea…then you can add in your cardio after your lifting sessions, etc…

Find a new trainer. I’m always amazed at how many trainers like to tell people how they want to look. I’m a trainer, and I try to put together programs based on what people want- whether that’s to put on mass, or look like Nicole Richie (hey, at least they’re training instead of ceasing to eat period). So I know there are more understanding, respectful trainers out there.

I would recommend looking into complexes. They contribute to a faster metabolism for a while after the lifts, and can be structured in such a way so as to work the whole body with about 6 lifts put together. Also check out tabata, german volume training, and crossfit (I wouldn’t recommend straight-up crossfit, but the way crossfit threads together a workout can be very beneficial to someone in your situation).

Also, if you aren’t taking fish oil pills, start. Your body requires omega-3s in order to process omega-6s. The ratio is supposed to be about 1/3, but in the American diet it’s more like 1/30.