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Ow... Groin Strain

Well, I had no excuse for getting a groin strain. I knew that biomechanics were crucial in avoiding injury, and I knew that mine sucked, but instead of taking the time to fix them, I decided to continue with heavy squats. So this morning at the gym, for the first time since I have been lifting seriously, I strained something in my groin area.

Now I know this isn’t that uncommon, but for those of you who got it before, doesn’t it suck? I still have my fingers crossed hoping it won’t hold me back for too long.

How do you guys deal with groin injuries? I know that Dave Tate talked about how he trained through a groin injury by just wrapping up the groin area real tight. I’m not sure I have the balls(or insanity) to do this.

I got one a few years back, all I did was try and walk as little as possible during the week. And on the weekends ice it 3x a day, and just relax. Went away in about 2 weeks.

Ahh, right. That’s what I keep hearing to do. I really hate taking two weeks off lifting though, since I’m just getting off of a 2 week deloading phase. Oh well.

For those who have managed to do some training while working through a groin strain : What did you do? Did you just focus on upper-body work, isolation work? Did you just wrap up the area and push through the workout?

I get very minor ones if I’m still sore after squatting. It will keep me from squatting, deadlifting or any closed chain leg exercise. I just take a little more time.

Depends I got one early in the summer and it took a while to go away. Another time I pulled my groin and that actually went away a lot faster.

Use a foam roller on your inner thighs. It helped me a lot

yvanehthnioj, good advice. I’ve been meaning to get a foam roller for awhile now.

Rest it for a good amount of time. I know you’re eager to get back to lifting, but taking a month or two off could prevent it from developing into anything more serious.

[quote]nobodyreal wrote:
yvanehthnioj, good advice. I’ve been meaning to get a foam roller for awhile now.[/quote]

Maybe your hips are tight too. Whenever I get a groin injury it’s always when my hips are tight. Be very careful stretching them now though with an aggravated groin. I did that and it made my groin MUCH worse. Start stretching your hips daily

I’ve strained my groin several times and pulled them both quite badly once. All are due to sprinting and the more serious ones are due to training on sand.

As others have said i usually ice them regularly and roll them.