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ovt with a twist.

i wanted to get some opinion on this idea. i loved the ovt program but im not a big fan of direct shoulder and arm work. so my plan is to use the reps and sets from ovt and apply that to my favorite split of:

horizontal push/pull
vertical push/pull

i will do a few sets of arms at the end of my vertical day.

what do you guys think?


I know others have done this with the original GVT with good success. I say go for it.

If you’re talking about doing what you said 5x5 i’ve done it before for 4 weeks. Good gains with it.

also, since i am off of work for the next two weeks and completley stress free i wil be training 2x per day.

i am dividing my program in half. so instead of 4 supersets in one session it will be two per session.

flat bench/flat flys
bent rows/1 arm seated low row

incline bench/incline flys
seated pulley rows/1 arm seated hammer row

omg! i did my first day of ovt yesterday after a long lay off from hypertrophy training and holy shit is my chest sore!

i have been training with 5 reps or less for probably about 6 months or so.

i am so glad that i have the time to divide my day into two sessions. there is no way i would be able to complete four supersets with any kind of intensity at the moment.

quad day today. wish me luck.

Ive been interested in trying ovt using a split similar to yours also, post your workouts and splits as well as results/opinions if you get the chance.