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OVT - Where's It At?


OK, I was using the search for some Chest Programs and I came across the "OVT" Program someone had mentioned in one of their post. So I tried to search for the OVT program and I could NOT find crap.

Any of you tried it? Results? Can someone point me into the right direction, or hook me up with a good chest program?






Hey, I really Appreciate it!!!


My god, just look at those transformation pictures - you can hardly believe it's the same guy! Fourteen weeks apart? Man that is good stuff.

Any idea how old he was when that occured?


That man is none other that T Nation's own Christian Thibaudeau :slight_smile: I guess he decided to "practice what you preach." No idea how old he is in those photos though. Between 30 and 40 I would say.

If this guy doesn't inspire you, nobody will! :slight_smile:

And in 14 weeks, too...