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OVT Week 3-4 Progress, Tips?

I was really sick for about 6 months and was just skin and bones by the time I was better. I tried OVT after several weeks of pretty basic weight lifting. I just started week 4 of OVT and these are my improvements so far:

Weight: 165 lb- 186 lb
bench: 135lb 5 rep - 170 lb
Squat: 160 lb - 220
curls: 40 lb - 70 lb

pretty significant improvements in all areas.

Right now I’m taking fish oil, creatine, protein powder, multivitamin, and bcaa’s. I’m following the OVT training by CT pretty exactly. I am not sure of my caloric intake, but I was drinking a gallon of 1% milk a day for probably a week and a half.

I lifted for about 3 months over the summer but I came down with some bug that took me down for a couple months. So I’m pretty much starting fresh.

I’m planning on putting up before and after pictures after 12 weeks or so.

Any tips or input would be appreciated.

I advise deadlifts. Why aren’t you deadlifting?!

Hey yeah I’m deadlifting at a weak 135 lbs… I didn’t include all of my stats in the post.Like I said I follow the OVT program completely, so anything that’s on there I follow.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether tribulus would be worth taking? I’m 21 so I’m guessing my testosterone levels are already pretty high.