OVT training

I posted this in CT’s forum but got no response so i’ll try here
I just finished up an 8 week cycle of HST and got decent results. Now I am looking to start a bout of OVT as everything I have read about it has been positive. I have few questions before I start. The first is should you do eight straight weeks of OVT or 4 weeks then 2 lower intensity and volume weeks and then back to OVT for 4 more weeks. I have read the article and it sounds like 8 straight but on the forum I have heard others talk about 2 phases. COuld you clear this up for me.
Next question is training. I will be taking this week off as it is finals week and wondering what I should do next. I have a bottle of Mag-10 sitting around and really would like to use soon. I am wondering if I should give it a try during the first 2 weeks of OVT or maybe do another program for 2 weeks and then switch to OVT after that. Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help you can give me.

Hey my man,
Your best bet is to do the first 4 weeks of OVT Phase I followed by 2 weeks of lower volume training (I think CT recommended 2-3 training days of 2 sets per muscle group…with HIGH intensity). Then do phase II of OVT. You should be good to go! As for the mag-10…I have no idea, but I am sure somone will hop on here and have some imput on the matter…Tony G

thanks for the clarification tony. Does anyone have any input on the Mag-10 usage?

Mag 10 usage? Use it right when you start the new program to get the double effect of new training stimulation plus better anabolic environment.

Does anyone find that OVT is too high in volume? Essentially you’re doing 5x5 eight times per workout. Although the total reps are the same or lower than GVT, that’s a lot of sets.

I think that OVT is a great program for your MAG-10 cycle, in fact, I just started the OVT/MAG-10 combo myself. However, I do not recommend jumping right into OVT after your week off. The reason: painful, debilitating soreness. I suggest that you ease back into training with at least a week of somewhat low volume strength training (5X5 or something), and then when you do start OVT, take full advantage of any available recovery techniques (ice showers, cryotherapy…)

drex-o: How are you taking the mag-10? one or 2 doses per day? Are you planning on using it for just the 1st two weeks of your OVT? I would be interested to hear about you plan for OVT with the mag-10 including diet.

I like the idea behind OVT. Some body parts I can can do the whole program, on some I have trouble. For those parts I adapted the program and do the them on successive days in a different split. ie. legs and back two days but half the leg exercises on one day and half on the other. naturally i keep the supersetting. i’m finding this quite effective.