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OVT training Questions

I just started the ovt training phase 1. I am wondering if the percentages of of weight are correct. The thread I got it from says to use 80-85% of your max for the basic lifts, and around 60-65% for the isolation lifts. Are most people able to complete the supersets, or do I need better muscular endurence? I had to lower the weight on my fourth, and fifth sets to stay in good form. Just looking for some feedback on how other people do while using this system.

I don’t worry about percentages. I use a weight and if I can complete the 5x5 i up the weight. I tend to know what i can handle and for how many reps so picking a starting weight is fairly easy for me. Also I am not 100% sure on this but I think you should be using the same weight throughout the 5 sets and only completing as many reps as you can. If you can’t complete 5X5 for the weight, the next week try for more reps.
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my approach was based on the blocks CT used. First week, I used the same weight but did it for 3x5, then when I gained enough confidence and strength, I did 5x5, then upped the weight on subsequent sessions. The trick is to always up the weight on the compound lifts every session, and strictly maintain the tempo for the isolation moves.

it doesnt say to use 80-85% of irm on all the compund lifts. look over your notes again. i actually found my 1rm in all the lifts and used the recommended %. it was exactaly what i could handle for 5 reps.